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Robin Cook

Asked if the Prime Minister might cut short his holiday to attend Robin Cook's funeral, the PMS so that at the moment we did not have any information on the nature of the funeral or when it might be. She was not aware that the Prime Minister had any plans to return from his holiday, but clearly if there were some sort of memorial service in the future he would attend. The Deputy Prime Minister was in charge whilst the Prime Minister was away and he would attend any funeral if it was appropriate.

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Asked whether the charge of treason might be used against those charged with terror offences, the PMS said that obviously there were discussions going on about the appropriate measures to take against individuals. She was not going to get into a discussion about whether one charge was better than another. It was important that the right charge was brought. It was a question of people looking at the options they had available to them. The Prime Minister had set out his position at his press conference on Friday.

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Put to her that Hazel Blears seemed to be easing off on her suggestion that ethnic minorities could be referred to in hyphenated form, such as 'Asian-British', the PMS said the she felt this story had been somewhat over-written. The idea had been suggested to Hazel Blears, it was not something she was suggesting. It was something which had been put to her and would be further discussed in meetings as she visited different parts of the country. There was no prescription here. This was something that had been raised with her and she had mentioned it in an interview. It was not something the Government was proposing or suggesting.

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