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Robin Cook

Asked if the Prime Minister might cut short his holiday to attend Robin Cook’s funeral, the PMS so that at the moment we did not have any information on the nature of the funeral or when it might be. She was not aware that the Prime Minister had any plans to return from his holiday, but clearly if there were some sort of memorial service in the future he would attend. The Deputy Prime Minister was in charge whilst the Prime Minister was away and he would attend any funeral if it was appropriate.

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  1. Perhaps one should ask whether Robin Cook would have wanted Blair at his funeral or indeed at the memorial service\x97I think not.

    Comment by John Sinclair — 9 Aug 2005 on 12:15 pm | Link
  2. So Blair will treat this funeral as another part of his job and send his deputy. You would think after the last labour manifesto that Blair had actually learned something about respect. But nooooo…

    Comment by George Rockingham — 9 Aug 2005 on 1:29 pm | Link
  3. You can guarantee that had the deceased been someone glamourous or likely to gain him political capital, Blair would have found the time to attend – and probably try to muscle in on the arrangements.

    Comment by Jonathan Smith — 9 Aug 2005 on 2:09 pm | Link
  4. It’s Blair’s duty as a figurehead to set aside his personal prejudices and conveniences and to be present at such ceremonies.

    Maybe the reality is that he’ll get nothing out of it – except perhaps indigestion from the post burial piss-up. Even so, not turning up will speak volumes as to Blair’s character. Gutless and entirely lacking in moral strength. A politician, not a statesman. Shame on him.

    I disagreed with Cook’s views often, but I greatly admired his courage and his intellect.

    At least (and, unusually) Prescott’s comments were generous and worthy.

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 9 Aug 2005 on 4:34 pm | Link
  5. Shame on you Tony – you are even less of a man than I thought.

    Comment by Roger Huffadine — 9 Aug 2005 on 6:32 pm | Link
  6. Tony,Tony,Tony – babes you really do have to go to this. I know its a waste of your time because well, you know, he is DEAD and so therefore cannot be of any further use to you in your quest for immortality but, whilst you can and will totally ignore the horrible people who write nasty things about you on this site you may find that there is a growing feeling out and about that you have no clothes and feelings and indeed morals when it come to your own ends and achieving them. Of course why should you care because there is no possibility that the electorate will vote other than for YOU at yet another election – purely out of their own stupidity naturally.

    Comment by roger — 10 Aug 2005 on 9:41 pm | Link
  7. Blair just hates the Labour Party and everything it stands for. If it was Colin Powell (retired Republican US Foreign Secretary) instead, he’d be along straight away to honour such a hero of the war party.

    Comment by Julian Todd — 11 Aug 2005 on 1:44 am | Link
  8. Shame on Tony? LMAO! He has no shame, we all know that by now.

    I heard he was standing down after this term as PM; apparently he reckons even he could do a better job than Dubya…

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 11 Aug 2005 on 3:46 pm | Link
  9. As a labour supporter and a Blair fan i also was shocked to ear that the PM wasn\xB4t attending Mr. Robin Cook\xB4s funeral in Scotland. The "my-venue-will-shift-attentions-from-funeral" PMO excuse doesnt stick and Blair should have put his "iraq war" differences aside and show up, by respect to a great politician and as a diplomatic gesture towards his ex-foreign affairs minister. But then it striked me that maybe Blair decision is an orquestrated "Blair/Gordon" deal: Gordon doing the eulogy to become the center-piece of a future leader of the Labour Party – a social event given "green-light" by Blair for Gordon to lead away (just like Blair glow during Lady Diana funeral) eloquent, heartfelted, powerful and memorable! And what if the Cook family never sent a funeral invitation to the Blairs at all? Then Blair couldnt burst in, even if he wanted to… There\xB4s always 2 sides to a story! Still that was a wrong decision, Mr. Prime Minister.

    Comment by alexa (portugal) — 13 Aug 2005 on 8:50 am | Link
  10. Well Tony I must say I think you have let us all down, You should have gone to his funfuneraleral, He was one of your Team members, and yes he did step down but you still should have gave him your support to show the thanks for what he done that was good when he was in the party, But no you feel your holiday is more important, I know if it was me I would have got the next plane back to go, well you have lost my vote ay the next election.

    Comment by Andy Miller — 13 Aug 2005 on 9:07 pm | Link
  11. I disagree, i think TB was right not to go to Robin Cook’s funeral, i mean with all that had happened between them, i think it would have been more disrespectful if he had turned up, everyone would be like ‘why is he here, they were a hardly friends’, he had already made a statement about Robin plus he will be going to the memorial service, i think thats enough…

    Other cabinet members attended as friends of Robin, TB would have had a lot of slack if he had attended and the press would have asked the question why is he here? they’d accusde TB of having no respect for him anyway so why is he bothering? i could just see that happening.

    People would have taken the opposite view what ever he had decided to do!

    TB – i think you did the right thing!!!


    Comment by Sarah — 19 Aug 2005 on 11:56 am | Link
  12. A man of courage and integrity who stood for what most of us thought on the Iraq war.
    The last I’ve seen him was in Border book shop in B’ham – signing his new book.

    God bless him

    Comment by recruiter — 14 Nov 2006 on 3:05 pm | Link

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