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Prime Minister’s Holiday

Asked about the Prime Minister's whereabouts, the Prime Minister's Spokesman (PMS) said that the Prime Minister's Director of Communications had written to editors last night to explain that since the Prime Minister arrived at his holiday destination, the Barbados Legion had invited him to attend a commemoration service to mark the end of the Second World War and the contribution of Barbadians to the Second World War. The Prime Minister had accepted the invitation and as it was obviously a public event, we understood that journalists would want to report the event. The Director of Communications had continued his request to ask for restraint in publicising the exact location of the Prime Minister's holiday.

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Sir Ian Blair/London Terror

Asked if the Prime Minister had been kept "up to speed" on the de Menezes case whilst he was abroad, the PMS said the Prime Minister had been kept regularly informed.

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Zimbabwe Cricket

Asked why the Government was only writing now to the ICC regarding future cricket matches in Zimbabwe, and had there been any response, the PMS said she was not aware of any response. A letter had been sent saying that Ministers considered the situation in Zimbabwe to be getting worse since the policy of demolishing people's homes had begun. The Ministers had decided to ask the ICC, as the appropriate body, to look at their planned policy of sending international cricket teams to that country. They were therefore asking the ICC if that was appropriate. We had made it clear last year that we would have preferred such fixtures as the England Tour not to have taken place, but it was not something the Government could stop from happening.

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