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Zimbabwe Cricket

Asked why the Government was only writing now to the ICC regarding future cricket matches in Zimbabwe, and had there been any response, the PMS said she was not aware of any response. A letter had been sent saying that Ministers considered the situation in Zimbabwe to be getting worse since the policy of demolishing people’s homes had begun. The Ministers had decided to ask the ICC, as the appropriate body, to look at their planned policy of sending international cricket teams to that country. They were therefore asking the ICC if that was appropriate. We had made it clear last year that we would have preferred such fixtures as the England Tour not to have taken place, but it was not something the Government could stop from happening.

Asked how it could be stopped, the PMS replied that we were asking the ICC to reconsider their plans to organise international cricket tours to Zimbabwe.

Asked why the cricket team could not just be paid not to go to Zimbabwe, the PMS said some people might feel it was an inappropriate use of taxpayers’ money.

Asked if either the Australian or New Zealand Governments had asked the UK Government to intervene, the PMS said she was not aware that they had, but she thought those governments had made similar requests to the ICC.

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  1. This is disgraceful. Absolutely disgraceful. And bloody typical. Too effing spineless and self-absorbed to do anything about it themselves, they resort to involving sports bodies to make the point that they, as politicians and supposed statesmen, should be making in person. And isn’t it just typical of politicians to have such a complete lack of dignity to be able to make a request such as this and not even be able to see what is so abhorrent about it? !

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 23 Aug 2005 on 4:56 pm | Link
  2. This is about taking one step away from where the manure will land. The politicos will not involve themselves directly in case except if they believe they’ll gain kudos – and this one is too tricky to call.

    I’m reminded of earlier protests (against South Africa, for example) where such dignitaries as Hain and Straw were much more prepared to speak and take action, but then there were better odds of fame and fortune….

    We should also remember that constitutionally the ICC does not have a responsibility for these (moral) decisions.

    What’s needed here is leadership – and there’s precious little of that within political circles.

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 24 Aug 2005 on 9:53 am | Link
  3. I’m reminded of earlier protests (against South Africa, for example) where such dignitaries as Hain and Straw were much more prepared to speak and take action, but then there were better odds of fame and fortune

    Good Point Chuck. Plus of course we can go into Iraq but mustn’t make a murmur against Mugabe? Double standards are operating here (again) with this Government.
    Forget cricket – just what are the dynamic duo and Hain in particular DOING about Zimbabe?
    Any more for the "sitting on our hands" class?

    Maybe we need a lead from Dubbya?

    Comment by roger — 24 Aug 2005 on 7:43 pm | Link

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