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Asked whether the charge of treason might be used against those charged with terror offences, the PMS said that obviously there were discussions going on about the appropriate measures to take against individuals. She was not going to get into a discussion about whether one charge was better than another. It was important that the right charge was brought. It was a question of people looking at the options they had available to them. The Prime Minister had set out his position at his press conference on Friday.

Asked what David Blunkett’s role was with respect to this area of policy, the PMS said that David Blunkett was the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. The Deputy Prime Minister was fulfilling his usual role, which he had performed since 1997, of being in charge whilst the Prime Minister was away. While he was in charge, clearly he spoke to his Cabinet colleagues. This weekend he had spoken to four or five of them, some of whom were on holiday. Asked if David Blunkett’s role was consultative, the PMS said that the Deputy Prime Minister spoke to his colleagues regularly, he had spoken to Jack Straw, Ian McCartney amongst others over the weekend and he would continue to do so. Put to her that David Blunkett seemed to be suggesting that he had a special overseeing role, the PMS underlined that the Deputy Prime Minister was in charge while the Prime Minister was on holiday. Asked if David Blunkett was among those the Deputy Prime Minister spoke to on the weekend, the PMS said no. Asked if therefore the Deputy Prime Minister might be having a word with David Blunkett in light of his comments, the PMS said that that was a matter for the Deputy Prime Minister. Asked of David Blunkett had been attending COBRA meetings, the PMS said not to her knowledge.

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  1. May be we should give a one-way ticket to the disgrantled instead of treason charges, faster,easier and final.

    Comment by webmaster — 8 Aug 2005 on 6:35 pm | Link
  2. How about a one-way ticket off this site for people who fraudulently label themselves as "webmaster" when they’re not.

    Comment by Julian Todd — 11 Aug 2005 on 1:37 am | Link
  3. In order to betray, one must first feel a sense of belonging. Some people, and not only refugees from oppression overseas, may never feel such a sense in relation to Britain, with its endemic class system, its anachronistic and undemocratic constitutional arrangements, its governments which consistently put the interests of business before those of the community, its appalling foreign policy of making common cause with US imperialism, and its recklessly endangering the UK population by provoking attacks on our own soil by participating in the illegal military adventure of invading Iraq and killing tens of thousands of innocent people in the process.

    It is moreover a huge irony that this Blair government which has so comprehensively betrayed the interests of the people it supposedly serves now has the gall to raise the question of treason. In a properly democratic society, where the people were empowered to arraign the executive for grave acts of malfeasance, Blair and his Cabinet would have to stand trial for their complicity in the deaths of so many Iraqis, and for their criminal irresponsibility in provoking the bloody revenge which has been taken on equally innocent British citizens.

    Comment by Michael McCarthy — 11 Aug 2005 on 4:57 am | Link
  4. Never mind provoking revenge; what about lying to the country and to Parliament in order to take us into that war in the first place? If there was any such thing as true natural justice Bliar would spend the rest of eternity swinging at the end of a rope.

    Have no fears though; in this case treason doesn’t actually mean treason. All it means is having the potential to seriously embarrass the government; a pity they didn’t do this a couple of years ago – David Kelly would have fitted the bill perfectly…

    Comment by PapaLazzzaru — 11 Aug 2005 on 4:00 pm | Link
  5. For some time now, JK5 has tried to alert UK Residents and Electors to the systematic abolition of Due Process in this country.

    see: <a href="http://www.jk5.net/spages/UK_law.asp">http://www.jk5.net/spages/UK_law.asp</a&gt;

    Now, it seems, that the Bliar regime is not content to dismantle the standards of law we have built since King Alfred – standards that have well served the creation of legal systems all over the world. Today they are intent on making UK citizens subservient to their (Bliar’s) US paymaster and subject primarily to US law.

    UK Law is now subservient to US Law
    <a href="http://news.ft.com/cms/s/e98541e6-0acd-11da-aa9b-00000e2511c8.html">http://news.ft.com/cms/s/e98541e6-0acd-11da-aa9b-00000e2511c8.html</a&gt;

    No matter what your citizenship or nationality, Bliar’s new "fast-track" extradition "treaty" with the USA means that if the USA THINKS you have committed a crime against US Law, anywhere in the world even though you may never have even visited the USA then you can be kidnapped by USA "authorities" and imprisoned (even for months without trial) in that country. This is true even if you have committed NO CRIME anywhere else and have conducted your affairs in total compliance with UK law you can still be extradited if a US court simply CHARGES you with a crime in US law.

    Whoever allowed/caused this to happen has committed an act of TREASON against the people of the UK.

    Comment by JK5 — 15 Aug 2005 on 2:44 am | Link

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