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Put to her that Hazel Blears seemed to be easing off on her suggestion that ethnic minorities could be referred to in hyphenated form, such as ‘Asian-British’, the PMS said the she felt this story had been somewhat over-written. The idea had been suggested to Hazel Blears, it was not something she was suggesting. It was something which had been put to her and would be further discussed in meetings as she visited different parts of the country. There was no prescription here. This was something that had been raised with her and she had mentioned it in an interview. It was not something the Government was proposing or suggesting.

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  1. So the PMS here rapidly disassociating herself and the Government from the loopy Blears.

    It’s quite clear that Hazel needs to take a little more care of herself. The strain is obviously getting to her. The Times article would have been screamingly funny if one did not remember that she is a government minister and has declared herself as ‘indeed’ being in charge whilst Clarke suns himself in the States. I bet Blunkett is laughing his socks off at her abyssmal performance.

    And as I read it Blears is prepared to advocate any crackpot ‘suggestion’ or ‘idea’ that’ll get a bit of press coverage. What I want to know is who suggested this lunacy and why haven’t they been carted off to the funny farm? Or maybe it was our Hazel’s ‘idea’ to ‘rebrand’ communities in much the same way as it was her ‘idea’ to start a new ‘dialogue’ with the Muslim communities. Have they not had dialogue before? If not, why not?

    Anyone want to ‘suggest’ a ‘rebrand’ for crazed Home Office ministers?

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 9 Aug 2005 on 11:35 am | Link

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