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Asked if the Surrey Police report on Deepcut was the reason for looking again at the prospect of holding an inquiry into the deaths of 4 recruits who died at Deepcut Barracks, the PMOS replied that Adam Ingram was going to be making a statement in the House at 12.30, and would therefore prefer to leave it up to him. As the PMOS understood it, the problem was about witnesses not coming forward to testify, but it would be addressed in more detail later.

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  1. People who are operating under tyrannical regimes often don’t want to testify.
    It seems strange that we commit our troops to a war who’s purpose is to rid people of tyranny yet our own government cannot bring itself to the point where it stamps out the climate of fear and distrust by announcing a full public enquiry.

    Comment by Roger Huffadine — 30 Nov 2004 on 5:15 pm | Link
  2. I have just finished watching the channel 4 documentary by dispatches.

    I think it is shocking what is/has occured within the army barracks in the UK. The few that we are aware of that is?

    I am female and have been raped previously (not linked to the army) however the experience is still frightening and emotionally damaging. I am experienced in the field of martial arts to, but that doesn’t help at all.

    The women who were subjected to the whims of pathetic so called officers, will be scared for life, whilst the men have to face a court appearance (with a bit of luck). The men get the easy route. I think they are a disgrace to the British Army and should never be allowed to live a normal life ever again, they should all be named and shamedm, then maybe the women can gain some satisfaction that they have been humiliated.

    Whatever the violence within the army and whether it was inflicted on men or women, I cannot believe that someone with Higher Authority, knew nothing about it. Yet they all continue to blame government for lack of funds, the government will no doubt want more funds from our individual pockets to cover the hole, due primarily to mr two jags, and all the other fund swallowing assholes we call MP’s and the British Government. But what I want to know is, how do they intend to make the welfare for the brave volunteers who enter our army system each year?


    Comment by anon — 2 Dec 2004 on 10:10 pm | Link
  3. 25 Years in the army and I have never seen nor heard anything like I saw and heard last night on channel 4.
    In training, in the early 70s, it was tough and at times physically brutal, no-one died by gunshot wounds, no suicides,and the regime forced a bonding within trainees that lasted years.
    The recent reports are truly appalling and from the top ( Hoon) to the corporals at the bottom they will have to sort out this sorry mess – or there will be no-one to join the army.Who the hell would?

    Comment by Harry Booth — 3 Dec 2004 on 9:57 pm | Link
  4. im glad that there is bullying in the services, we don’t want any weaklings in the ranks, we want the best of the best and they obviously weren’t. FART. i’ve been in the army since i was 5 and it never did me any harm. FART FART FART. i’ve seen plenty of bullying in my time (i did a lot of it!) and i always thought it did the people i was bullying good to see what a real man does. FFFFFFFFFAAAAARRRRRRRTTTTTT. something smells. i need the toilet. people die, it happens!

    Comment by Lucifer — 21 Mar 2005 on 9:49 pm | Link
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