» Wednesday, November 3, 2004

US Election

Asked whether there was a likely chance that the Prime Minister would make a response about either of the US Election candidates, the PMOS replied that it depended entirely on what happened in America. He added that the Prime Minister would say something at some stage, but like everyone else, they would have to wait and see.

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Asked for any advance comments on the Prime Minister's trip to Brussels, the PMOS answered that the Prime Minister Allawi was attending and would be discussing EU help for Iraq, as well as terrorism, terrorism financing, organised crime, and economic reform. As this was a Mid Term summit, many of the usual topics would be brought up as would be expected.

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Asked about the movement of UK troops in Fallujah, the PMOS replied that he was not going to speculate on military operations, but he stressed that what was important was it was the Iraqi interim government that would make any decision about Fallujah. He also wanted to stress that what was equally important was the possibility in Iraq of a political way through. For that to happen, however, the insurgents needed to recognise that this was the preferred option and to stop the attacks on the multinational and Iraqi forces, and also to stop the use of this as a base to mount operations elsewhere.

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US Elections

Asked if the Prime Minister had spoken to any President this morning the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that we did not brief on conversations with Presidents. Asked if the Prime Minister would say anything on the US election today assuming there was a result the PMOS said given that events were still unfolding he was sure that journalists would understand that we would not be saying anything until things became clear for however long that took.

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Parliament Square Protests

Asked what the Government's position was ahead of the Commons debate on protestors in Parliament Square the PMOS said that the best course of action was to wait for Peter Hain's remarks this afternoon. We obviously recognised the right to freedom of speech and that there were certain views in the House. That said it was still best to wait till the afternoon for the debate to take place.

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Hunting Bill

Asked what the option was for the Hunting Bill and if the Prime Minister knew how many cabinet colleagues shared his view the PMOS said that as he had stated repeatedly the Prime Minister had supported the Alun Michael compromise but it was still a free vote and the cabinet like every other MP was entitled to exercise their free vote.

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