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Asked if there was any concern at the withdrawal of the major Sunni party from the Iraqi coalition government as a result of the attacks on Fallujah, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman said he did not actually recognise the description of the party that was given. As he understood it, the party concerned had 4 out of 100 members of the National Assembly, and it had one Cabinet Minister who had chosen to leave the party, rather than the Government. The PMOS also pointed out a statement made by Prime Minister Allawi's Official Spokesman that stated that Prime Minister Allawi had met with the Fallujah tribal leaders as well as those from the Al Ambar Province in that area, and that they would be issuing a statement of support. Prime Minister Allawi had continued to consult with other Sunni leaders and the Shammr tribe which had been very positive.

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Middle East/Arafat

Asked if the lack of a Palestinian leader should lead to the postponement of the Prime Minister's trip to Washington later in the week, the PMOS replied that not only was he was not going to prejudge the events in Paris, but also that the answer was "no".

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Emlyn Hughes Death

Asked if the Prime Minister had any tribute to pay to Emlyn Hughes who died earlier in the day, the PMOS replied that the Prime Minister was saddened by his death and that his playing career spoke for itself.

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Congressional Medal

Asked if the Prime Minister would be receiving his Congressional Medal when he went to Washington, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that he was not aware of any plans to do so. Asked when the Prime Minister would be receiving it, the PMOS told journalists that it would be presented when both the American and UK Governments were ready. Put to him that, according to the Times, the medals weren't ready because the Prime Minister had not chosen its design yet, the PMOS said that he wasn't aware of the story.

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Asked about the Black Watch, the PMOS said that as with any deployment the Black watch would obviously view the way they were operating on a day-by-day basis. That was entirely sensible and would be left entirely to them.

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Middle East

Asked how important the Prime Minister felt it was so bolster the Palestinian security apparatus, particularly with the withdrawal operation in Gaza, the PMOS said that if the pullout from Gaza went ahead, as expected, then it was important that the vacuum left behind in terms of security, in terms of the administrative ability of the Palestinian Authority and in terms of political development within Palestine be filled. It was important that we helped, along with others, in that process. This was an issue which had been analysed and would be addressed. Asked if this was an issue which would be raised with President Bush and if we would be looking for a commitment from the US, the PMOS said that it would already be part of the conversation between us and the US, and would be one element of the discussion with the President.

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