» Friday, November 26, 2004

Sinn Fein

Asked if the Prime Minister had met with Sinn Fein recently, the Prime Minister's Spokesman (PMS) said that it was well known that the Prime Minister was in discussions with all the parties, but she was not going to discuss every meeting that took place.

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DWP Computer Problems

Asked if the Prime Minister was worried about external IT companies that had failed to deliver a good product being used in departments, such as the DWP, the PMS said with regards to the DWP, the situation had been blown out of all proportion. She said that it was business as usual for existing customers, but people who were amending or putting in new claims may be affected by the desktop computer problems. Customers were continuing to receive their money.

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Asked why Ministers were "hiding" and sending civil servants out instead to make statements about issues such as the DWP IT problems, or the NAO traffic report, the PMS said that this was not the case at all. She said that in both cases highlighted, both the spokesmen responding to these issues were extremely well qualified to speak for their departments.

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Asked what issues had come up in the Prime Minister's meeting with Nelson Mandela, the PMS said they had discussed the Commission for Africa and how they could work together on African Issues.

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Ukraine Elections

Asked if the Prime Minister was going to be in touch with President Putin over the weekend regarding the elections in the Ukraine, the PMS said she was not aware of any plans to do so at the moment. The EU were taking the lead on this issue, and would take forward any views. The election dispute was a matter for the Supreme Court in the Ukraine, and it was right that they should be allowed to deal with the issue there. Dr. Solana was in Kiev, we had an Embassy there, and there was an EU special envoy had been appointed to keep everyone up to date on the situation. She said it was important that the proper processes were taken forward in the Ukraine.

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