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Home Information Packs (HIP)

Asked if the Government was confident of meeting the revised 1st of August deadline considering the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) say there should be a 12-week period of consultation on the shelf life of an energy certificate, the PMOS said he did not want to give a running commentary on discussions with RICS as that was a matter for the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and RICS. The PMOS added what was important was to recognise that there were increased numbers of inspectors being trained and accredited. The discussion about energy is a central part of this, people do want more energy efficient homes, and it was in the national interest to have more energy efficient homes as 40 percent of emissions are from domestic use.

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  1. What does "40 percent of emissions are from domestic use" mean exactly?? Is he talking about CO2 in the atmosphere? Is he talking about the percentage of "emissions" taken as a whole, from ALL power-stations, then attributing 40% to doemestic use?? If we take the almost EXACT statement from Ian Pearson (Minister of State form Climate change in DEFRA):
    "About 40 per cent. of carbon dioxide emissions stem from actions taken by individuals." (when asked about emissions from homes). Now, does this "double-speak" try to insinuate that HOMES (badly insulated, thermostat set to high, no double-glazing etc) create 40% of the CO2 in the air, or is he trying to "SPIN" the issue by using a DUBIOUS statistic (where from??) that REALLY sounds like it is the TOTAL activities of the individual (INCLUDING BREATHING IN AND OUT – YES WE BREATH OUT CO2 INTO THE ATMOSPHERE – SHOCK HORROR!!) plus our car journeys no doubt. This is just like he "old labour money" arguments, where "double accounting" made ther figures look better than they really are. FACT- CO2 is a NATURAL component of the air we breath, and it varies between 350 and 500 PPM (parts per million) of concentration. So, in ONE CUBIC METRE, even at the highest outdoor concentrations (near the sea and volcanoes) this 1,000,000 CC of air contains just 500 CC of CO2 (less than a pint mug). 40% of that is 200 CC, or about a cup-full.
    Goverment and Environmentalists are trying all the tricks (including overcomplicating the "carbon footprint" ideas), and NOT stating fully, the statistics and figures involved, in the hope that we will all give in and pay whatever it takes in taxes to reduce C02. NOTE: the sea (oceans) produces the most, and it is STILL only 0.049 % CO2, even at the higher readings. NOTE THE FRACTIONAL PERCENTAGE, EQUAL TO ONE TWO-THOUSANDTHS OF THE AIR AT SEA LEVEL.

    Comment by TD — 29 May 2007 on 2:22 pm | Link
  2. Should HIPs now be scrapped?


    Comment by JG — 12 Jun 2007 on 11:37 am | Link

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