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The PMS drew the attention of reporters to the first annual report published by SOCA today which said that in the first year, SOCA seized 73 tonnes of cocaine with a market value in excess of £3 billion, at the cost to drug traffickers of at least £125 million, working with police forces they prevented 35 potential murders and have an initial target list of 1600 of the most harmful criminals in the UK.

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Asked who made the Prime Minister's tea, the Prime Minister's Spokesman (PMS) said that there were a range of answers to that question but she didn't intend to give any of them. The reporter supplemented by saying that the Prime Minister had said in an interview with an Arabian television station that "it was impossible to get a decent cup of tea in London anymore", the PMS said she hadn't seen the detail of the Prime Minister's words and felt she shouldn't comment any further.

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Prime Minister

Asked if the Prime Minister had any interest in being president of the World Bank, the PMS said as with all questions about what the Prime Minister would do after he finishes, there was a large amount of wild and, in the main, inaccurate speculation and it was best not to comment on any of it.

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Put to the PMS that the Education Secretary had suggested that it was likely that there would be an inquiry into Iraq and did the Prime Minister support an inquiry, the PMS said that as the Prime Minister had said previously, we were sure at some point in the future there may be a time when people will want to look at the issues again in more detail, but the Prime Minister's clear belief is that that time is not now, while our troops are engaged.

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Freedom of Information (FOI)

Put to the PMS that there were some renewed concerns that there was some sort of tacit Government backing for the bill being put forward by David Maclean MP, the PMS referred the reporter to the words of the Leader of the House who said, "...there is no whipping official or unofficial on either side of the House in respect of the bill which is private members bill."

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