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Asked for the PMOS's reaction to the weekend reports that after 27th June he would still be in No10, the PMOS replied that to be honest he had not seen the reports, but his future was a matter for the Head of the Civil Service.

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Taoiseach Address

Asked why Bertie Ahern was addressing Parliament this week, the PMOS replied that it was to recognise two things: first, the genuinely historic achievement of getting devolution restored, and on a much firmer footing than ever before; and secondly, his unique contribution to the successful outcome of the peace process. But it was also to recognise his unique contribution to transforming the relations between Britain and Ireland in the last 10 years. As the Prime Minister had said, previous Prime Ministers and previous Irish Prime Minister had all contributed, but Bertie Ahern had made a unique contribution.

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Asked that given Gordon Brown was out campaigning and the Prime Minister was away travelling, was it fair to say that the Deputy Prime Minister had a particularly important role in the coming 6 weeks, the PMOS replied that the Deputy Prime Minister always had a particularly important role, and the Prime Minister of course kept in touch at all times.

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Eurovision Song Contest

Asked if the Prime Minister was disappointed with the UK's performance in the Eurovision Song Contest, the PMOS replied that he had taken a bet before Lobby that somebody would raise the subject, but did not think it would be Gallery News. All he could say was that he, like many other people had to sit through Eurovision because of the kids, and that was suffering enough without adding to it on a Monday morning.

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