» Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lord Falconer Speech

Put that Lord Falconer had attacked Guantanamo Bay during his speech in Sydney today, and did the Prime Minister share Lord Falconer's sentiments, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) replied that the Prime Minister all along had said that Guantanamo was an anomaly. The Prime Minister believed that Guantanamo should be closed, but he also understood the reasons why prisoners were placed there from Afghanistan. The Prime Minister thought that the people there should be put before some sort of tribunal system. The Americans had since said that it was their intention to try to work towards closure, and that was obviously welcome.

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ONS figures

Asked if there was any comment on an investigation by the ONS by the remarks from the Prime Minister yesterday regarding unemployment figures at yesterday's TUC conference, the PMOS replied that as we had said yesterday, what the Prime Minister was talking about was the overall trend in general terms, and he did not talk about any specific figures. If people had concerns, then we would take that into account for the future.

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Foreign media in China

Asked if there was any comment to the Chinese plans to restrict the distribution of news by the foreign media, and would this be discussed today when the Prime Minister met with Premier Wen, the PMOS said that we had expressed to the Chinese already through diplomatic sources the hope that the international media would be able to report freely during the Olympics and thereafter. We would continue to press the issue.

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Asked how concerned the Prime Minister was by the reluctance of the NATO allies to help out in Afghanistan, the PMOS replied that we had to recognise that this request had recently gone in from NATO. We supported the NATO Secretary General who said that if more troops were needed, then they should get them. Equally, what people should recognise was that the Secretary General had also said that he believed that NATO was winning. However, if there were more resources needed, then NATO countries should look at them.

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