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Policy Reviews

Asked about the policy reviews, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that it was a party matter and was being dealt with through them. As he understood it the aim was to produce a consensus about the future. Asked if that meant that civil servants were not working on positions papers for it, the PMOS said that it was at this stage, as he understood it to be, primarily about focused on developing policy within the party. For further details journalists should speak to the party.

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Northern Ireland Talks

Asked about the intensive talks with the parties, the PMOS said that there had been a very good meeting with the Taoiseach at Chequers on Friday. Looking ahead there were two main points to think about. We had clearly approached the run up to this period in a very methodical way. We had had two Independent Monitoring Commission (IMC) reports; the next one would be in early October, which gave a picture of what was not happening in regard to IRA activity. He did not want to pre-empt the October report, but the summer had been the quietest summer since 1970. That gave some indication of the transformation that had happened. The IMC would spell that out in greater detail. On the other point we had seen, on a practical level, co-operation with the police from right across the community. This was just as important.

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Romania and Bulgaria

Asked what our position was in regard to Romania and Bulgaria's EU accession, the PMOS pointed out that, first and foremost we had to have a decision at a European level on accession. Secondly, on migration this involved complex issues where there were arguments on both sides of the debate and as such we would take some time to come to a conclusion on our position.

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Police Inquiry

Asked if there had been any contact from the Metropolitan Police yet, the PMOS said that he was not aware of any change to the position.

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