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Prime Minister

Asked whether the Prime Minister welcomed Charles Clarke's article in the Evening Standard, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that he had absolutely on comment whatsoever to make. We were getting on with the business of government. Asked whether the Prime Minister was happy that members of his Cabinet were being described as they were, the PMOS repeated that he had no comment to make on Charles Clarke's article. Charles Clarke was no longer a member of the Cabinet and as such it was a matter for Charles Clarke. Asked whether the Prime Minister would like everyone to talking to stop about the issue, the PMOS said that the Prime Minister had set out his position yesterday, which was that he thought the country wanted the government to get on with the business of governing. That was what he would be doing and that was what the country would see him doing in the coming days.

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Middle East

Asked how the Prime Minister thought he could help, the PMOS said that if people looked at the Prime Minister's speech in Los Angeles it set out a strategic analysis of why the Prime Minister believed we had to try to deal with Lebanon and why we had to begin the process of trying to get back to making progress in Palestine. It was important to do this despite the very real anger and concern surrounding the issue this summer from all side. In his visit to the region shortly the Prime Minister did not anticipate immediately moving into anything like detailed discussion or negotiations. It would be about assessing where things were and examining preliminary processes of trying to find a way to get back to that type of discussion. It would not be about setting dates or detailed processes. If people looked at what the Prime Minister had consistently said on the Middle East over the years he had a position that was for the good of the Middle East.

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