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Prime Minister’s TUC Speech

The Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) read out some excerpts from the speech the Prime Minister would make to the TUC conference.

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Middle East

Asked whether he would make any analysis of his Middle East trip in the speech, the PMOS said that the Prime Minister would refer to, in the general sense, a desire to move forward. We needed to continue to push it forward. The proposal for a national unity government in Palestine was a positive development but we needed to see the detail of the terms on which it had been agreed to see whether they met the principles set down by the international community. For that we would have to wait as this sort of thing took a little time. Asked how the Prime Minister assessed the trip, the PMOS said that the outcome, as the Prime Minister had said himself, would be best judged in the coming weeks and months ahead. The answer to the question of whether we had seen some momentum in the right direction was yes. We were cautious and we did not want to get ahead of ourselves.

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Northern Ireland

Asked about any planned meetings with the political parties this week, the PMOS said that given where things were people would be surprised if we were not in touch with the parties. Equally, however, for that very reason we would not be giving a running commentary on meetings and so on. It was a time to see where people were and prepare for what would be a very intensive period ahead.

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Chinese Premier Wen’s Visit

Asked if the Prime Minister would discuss Iran, the PMOS that Iran was bound to be one of the issues discussed.

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