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Weapons of Mass Destruction

Asked if what Margaret Beckett had said on WMD today was correct, that the Government knew that the 15 minute claim was erroneous before the vote in Parliament, The Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that he had not heard what Margaret Beckett had said but that there had been four inquiries into this matter and there was nothing further to add.

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Middle East

Asked why the Prime Minister was 'flouncing' around the Middle East instead on concentrating on domestic matters, the PMOS said that nothing was more important to the UK than its security. Security is achieved by a number of methods, one of which is to achieve political progress in the Middle East. There is a fundamental issue to be resolved in terms of the future of the Middle East which will impact directly on the overall security in the world, including in Britain. The Prime Minister therefore makes no apology in talking to those in the region who can most influence what the Prime Minister believes to be the most crucial issue in the world today; which is the future of the Middle East and of Israel and Palestine in particular. People in the UK understand that and understand that as in Northern Ireland if you want to achieve peace you have to go the extra mile and you have to go at it again and again and again; even when it seems difficult.

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BAe and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Asked if there had been any contact between UK officials and officials in Saudi Arabia at any level during the visit, the PMOS said no. Asked if the PMOS was confident that the Serious Fraud Office's decision on BAe had not contravened any convention on bribery laws and if it was consistent with the Government's convention requirements, the PMOS referred the reporter to the lobby briefing of yesterday afternoon where this question was dealt with.

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Chatham House Report

Asked what the response was to the Chatham House report suggesting that the Prime Minister has had little or no influence on Washington during his time as Prime Minister, the PMOS said that the wires would shortly be producing the Prime Minister's response and the reporter should wait for that.

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Police Inquiry

Asked if anyone in Downing Street had been in contact with Yates of the Yard with regard to any future interviews, the PMOS said there was nothing further to add. Asked if there was any likelihood of a further visit by the police the PMOS said he was not aware and it was after all a matter for the police.

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