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Police Inquiry

Asked if anyone in Downing Street had been in contact with Yates of the Yard with regard to any future interviews, the PMOS said there was nothing further to add. Asked if there was any likelihood of a further visit by the police the PMOS said he was not aware and it was after all a matter for the police.

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  1. if anyone is interested ask ipcc about neil scott from middlesbrough

    Comment by neil scott — 28 Dec 2006 on 1:52 pm | Link
  2. nothing can be used against me in a court because its all true

    Comment by neil scott — 10 Dec 2009 on 6:15 pm | Link
  3. 18,000 personal records from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP): In December

    2007, it was revealed that 18,000 personal records were found at a former DWP contractor’s

    home. The contractor still had unencrypted compact discs containing the details of thousands

    of benefit claimants, despite having stopped working for the DWP a year before. The two discs

    held up to 9,000 names each (BBC Online, 1 December 2007).

    • DVLA data:In December 2007 Transport Secretary, Ruth Kelly, was forced to admit that the

    personal details of more than three million learner drivers had gone missing. The names,

    addresses and telephone numbers for every candidate who applied for a driving theory test

    between September 2004 and April 2007 were on a computer hard drive which was lost in May

    at a supposedly secure facility in the US. (Hansard, 17 Dec 2007, Column 624)

    • MOD data:In January 2008, it emerged that a laptop computer containing the details of

    600,000 people was stolen from the MOD. The laptop listed the personal information of

    recruits to the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force, and of others who had

    expressed an interest in joining. It contained passport details, national insurance numbers,

    drivers’ licence information, family details, doctors’ addresses and NHS numbers. The

    Ministry of Defence said the laptop was stolen from a Royal Navy officer’s car parked in

    Birmingham on 9 January but it had decided – after consulting the police – not to disclose the

    theft immediately. Defence Secretary, Des Browne, later admitted the loss of two further

    laptops containing more sensitive information (Hansard, 21 Jan 2008, Column 1225)

    • MoD admits 658 laptops stolen: Defence Secretary Des Browne was forced to re-issue and

    revise upwards previous estimates of the number of laptops stolen from 347 to 658 in the last

    four years after ‘anomalies in the reporting process’ were discovered. In addition the MoD said

    that 89 laptops had been lost. The department also said that 26 portable memory sticks

    containing classified information had been either stolen or misplaced since January. In a

    separate response, ministers said that 131 of the department’s USB memory sticks had been

    taken or misplaced since 2004 (The Telegraph, 19 July 2008).

    • National DNA database: Under Labour, the National DNA database has grown to five million

    samples, the largest in the world per head of population. The costs of service delivery have

    doubled since 2002, when the rules were changed to allow permanent retention of innocent

    people’s DNA (National DNA Database Annual Report 2006/7). Yet, total detected crimes in

    which a DNA match was available have dropped by 16.5 per cent between 2002-03 and 2007-08

    (Hansard, 4 February 2009, Column 1244WA). There are thought to be a million innocent

    people on the database and yet there are over two million people with a police record without a

    profile on the DNA database (Hansard, 5 November 2008, Column 602WA). In 2008, the

    European Court of Human Rights held that the government’s arbitrary approach breached the

    right to privacy (S. and Marper v. United Kingdom, 4 December 2008). The Government has

    long ignored calls from the Conservatives for a Parliamentary debate on the database and for it to

    be put on a proper statutory footing. In May 2009, and despite the Marperruling, it announced

    that innocent people’s DNA would still be retained for a maximum period of 12 years.

    Comment by neil scott — 8 Mar 2010 on 4:47 pm | Link
  4. @ [ http://­neilscott1.wordp­ress.com/2012/­02/20/­cleveland-police­-corrption-stil­l-exists-and-ip­cc-help-it-at-b­urglary-convict­ion/ : ]

    @ [ https://­fbcdn-photos-a.a­kamaihd.net/­hphotos-ak-ash3/­c0.40.960.640/­s320x320/­555267_223032114­501755_12546386­30_n.jpg. : ]

    @ [ the One they Lost. https://­fbcdn-photos-a.a­kamaihd.net/­hphotos-ak-snc7/­c0.40.960.640/­s320x320/­479778_223037337­834566_12535049­33_n.jpg : ]

    @ [ MIDDLESBROUGH. : ]
    @ [ http://­m.bbc.co.uk/­news/uk-19840069. : ]

    Comment by neil Scott — 5 Mar 2013 on 1:12 am | Link
  5. https://neilscott1.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/fruad-at-teeside-crown-court-cps/

    Comment by neil Scott — 8 Apr 2013 on 3:43 pm | Link
  6. Before the arrests of Sean Price and derek bonnard there’s been a string of offences committed by senior officers and those involved to cover this up Neil Scott Never had any evidence against him for a burglary,his OWN blood was taken from him at a middlesbrough police station 4 miles away from a crime and instead of proving guilt they elaberated a scam to cover up what I see as a crime worse than anything Neil scott was ever arrested for. Forensics Frauds by Cleveland police detectives and G4s Staff at the station the problem is they denied it,they lost CCTV footage as usual to cover up there tracks and tamnpering with forensics evidence so it shows No security was ever given for the forensics evidence at Any time,this surely should have quashed this Burglary conviction against neil scott but didn’t. http://Wp.me/p2euOV-4.

    Comment by neil scott — 2 Nov 2013 on 1:47 am | Link
  7. Cleveland police denied arresting Neil scott 23 times whilst Ray Mallon was Mayor of Middlesbrough watson woodhouse Solicitors are not the only people to be persecuted by criminal Cleveland Police officers under arrested cheifs sean Price DC 1309 alastair crawford is guilty of forensics fraud as he stated for 6 judges which all information of which was sent to IPCC and MP Andrew Mc Donald. http://Wp.me/p2euOV-4.

    Comment by neil scott — 2 Nov 2013 on 1:52 am | Link
  8. Cleveland Police blamed me for 3 burglaries whilst on house arrest and G4S tag,then told DVLA that I’m Psychotic who took my licence away for a year loosing work,then gave this Psychotic bus driver my licence back to drive again,in 23 false arrests none were given to the scotland Yard Police National Computer for references but all 23 arrests details were given to Potential employer in data as the CRB Disclosures Act Abuses of human rights and not one MP,PCC,IPCC did a thing to stop or investigate it. 23 lists of offences by. @ClevelandPolice officers are here in full. http://neilscott1.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/cleveland-police-corrption-still-exists-and-ipcc-help-it-at-burglary-conviction/

    Comment by neil scott — 7 Dec 2013 on 3:51 am | Link
  9. @ClevelandPolice on. #Teeside did Falsify Forensics Evidence of CCTV footage then admitted loosing the footage that’s Guilt. http://neilscott1.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/cleveland-police-corrption-still-exists-and-ipcc-help-it-at-burglary-conviction/

    Comment by neil scott — 9 May 2014 on 10:13 am | Link
  10. http://bettermiddlesbrough.wordpress.com/2012/07/22/assassinate-the-mayor-its-those-internet-obsessives-again/

    Comment by neil scott — 2 Jun 2014 on 8:18 pm | Link
  11. Neil A Scott. Convicted on Falsified forensics Evidence based on blood type that went missing in transit,was Handled by the Arresting. @ClevelandPolice Detective DC 1309. Alastair Crawford. Who NOT Qualified as a Forensics officer at all. Neil Scott has No Blood Type Either according to Police Prosecution Witnesses who stated Crawford Lied at. #Teesside Crown Courts like the G4S officers did on behalf of the Corrupt. detective and NONE of the Middlesbrough uk Councillors,PCC barry coppinger,Mayor Ray Mallon or clevelandpolice or outside forces will Act on it and arrest the detective for this Crime in LAWlessness. http://neilscott1.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/cleveland-police-corrption-still-exists-and-ipcc-help-it-at-burglary-conviction/

    Comment by neil scott — 2 Jun 2014 on 8:24 pm | Link
  12. Make the Cleveland Police reinvestigate there Own officers for Forensics fruads at there own station http://neilscott1.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/cleveland-police-corrption-still-exists-and-ipcc-help-it-at-burglary-conviction/ Operation Payback

    Comment by neil scott — 5 Jun 2014 on 12:07 pm | Link
  13. Neil Scott had no convictions according to scotland yards National Computers before. #Teesside. ClevelandPolice falsified forensics evidence. In Middlesbrough and none of the authorities would investigate it. That’s the MP,PCC barry Coppinger Andrew McDonaldMP. https://neilscott1.wordpress.com/2014/09/04/evidence-against-cleveland-police-uk/

    Comment by neil scott — 10 Sep 2014 on 8:53 am | Link
  14. A Crime of Forensics fruad was committed by a Police detective who admitted he held the forensics evidence used against me that I was wrongly convicted for they won’t Re-investigate this after contacting the PCC,IPCC, and our Lazy MP,I need 10,000 signatures to get this corrupt Government to have this investigated. #‎Teesside‬. #‎stockton‬. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/72769

    Comment by neil scott — 12 Dec 2014 on 8:42 am | Link
  15. It happens in the UK.
    It happened to me.


    They tried 24times.
    Failed 23 times.
    One conviction after 24 th attempt.
    Three attempts on his life in cells.
    Tried to Discredit him after the one case of his first conviction in 48 years.
    No previous convictions.
    No previous cautions.
    No previous medical abnormalities.
    No medication for any ailments.
    No previous Psychologists reports.
    Covering up POLICE.
    Falsified FORENSICS.

    Teesside. Cleveland Police Forensics Fruad.

    This is the case history of a man persecuted by the law.after 23 failed attempts to secure any convictions in 24 cases they finally break the law to suite themselves for statistics.
    For your Ref,
    The case of Neil Anthony Scott.
    Frm 1995 to 2015.

    Arrested for breach of peace to court appearance for ASSAULTING A CLEVELAND POLICE OFFICER.RAY MALLONS LITTLE BOYS AT WORK.


    24 False Arrests.
    23 Previous Arrests Failed to Convict me of any Crimes.
    One Conviction in 49 years.
    Three attempts on my life.
    All 24 Arrest Data was Given to my Employers Without Evidence of a Crime Comitted by Me.
    Before that Burglary trial Erimus Housing had “concern” marker against me as well as seven eviction attempts.
    Erimus attempts to Evict me previously and before a Criminal Conviction for Burglary that was wrongly categorised by the cps.
    DC CRAWFORD was the only Erimus housing witness in an Attempt to Evict me.
    Landlord made £160,000 False Damage Claims with the hflp of DC Crawford for three burglaries at the same address whilst i was on house arrest, G4S RELIANCE TAG.
    Detective crawford arrested me three times for burglary whilst on house arrest for seven months ordered by a judge who knew that and didnt say anything when i attended court for the crimes.
    Interviewed by pshychologist for court in waiting room of my solicitors.
    Court Pshychologist stated pshychosis.
    Three Judges stated pshychotic.
    DVLA was informed by someone.
    DVLA took my licence based on a burglary trial.
    Erimus took civil legal action before any conviction announcement from courts presumed guilty before guilt was announced by the court.
    Legal aid stops before my Appeal case.
    Refused appeal.
    Dc crawford witnesses G4S at Cleveland police farce are employed by criminal MP Theresa May.
    No stolen items found linking me.
    A criminal damage case wrongly categorised as burglary.
    The arresting constable held the only forensics evidence used to convict me.BLOOD.
    After blood was taken from me on the day of my arrest.
    Denied by g4s staff.
    Evidence supporting blood was taken from me.
    More support that my blood was never at a crime.
    Dc was unqualified to handle forensics evidence so they made him a detective.unqualified.
    Dc was a PC.
    Promotion is a motive to lie at court.
    No Photos to support blood at any crime scene.
    Evidence of red paint similar to blood.
    Forensics handled by one person at station without witnesses,CCTV.
    Contradictory evidence with testimonies of all witnesses.
    False testimony of pshychologists report for court.
    Judges and cps received all false testimonies linking them to a police cover up.
    Forensics not covered by police station CCTV.
    Forensics unsafe.
    Dc crawford with kellam chaytor didnt take my trainers from my house at the time of my arrest whilst witnessed.
    Samba trainers mishandled by officer on his own.
    Two blood samples went missing in transit.
    Witness testimony that three samples were not packed together,safe in transit,safely secured with hq ladgate lane and middlehaven station ie the statement of dc crawford.at the same time of day.
    Officers searched Wrong address stated as a clerical error.
    Crime scene contamination.
    Two or one misconduct officer in search details.
    No Dna found linking me to a crime.
    No fingerprints found linking me to a crime.
    No tools or marks linked me to a crime.
    No saliva found at crime linking me to a crime.
    I Had NO CUTS linking me to a crime.
    No photos of cuts to me causing DRIPPED blood on any radiator given to court.
    WATER Contamination to whole house and radiator dripped blood evidence at the bottom of stairs.
    All blood samples were said to have been found above the water contamination level.
    No other police officer adds testimony to coroberate arresting officers testimony he collected,handled,sent forensics at any time.
    Dc concludes cps witnesses lied at court.
    Witnesses conclude dc lied at court.
    No doctor took blood no cctv.stated cctv was active.
    No doctors took blood from me.
    G4S forced a blood sample from me.
    G4s took my blood.No Cctv exsists.
    No photos to coroberate forensics found any blood given to court,lots of paint tho.
    Detective had opportunity to place any trainers in paint,on his own.
    Detective had opportunity and Motive to alter forensics blood evidence.
    NO Samba trainer paint footstep photos given to court.
    Samba trainer footprints outside my home leading away from my property.
    Alibi that dc pc handled, altered, falsified,forensics evidence.
    Doctors agree with burglary trial crown court judges decision.
    Dwp agrees with Appeal judges decision.
    Doctor tries to remove decision of three Appeal judges.
    Doctor sighns sicknotes for 6years.
    DWP stops benefits against three judges decision.
    Doctor sighns medical for DVLA fitness to drive.
    DWP reinstates benefits.
    Doctor realises what he did on the medical,has me a registered a Violent person for asking him for a sicknote.with no evidence of any violent crime or mental instability.
    Dwp pays for judges diagnosis for 6years.to date.
    No jail was given to me.
    No 200 hrs community service was given to me.
    Evening gazette abused position in writing my case publically.
    Three samples of Blood were said to have linked me to a crime yet no persons blood type details was given at court as evidence.2009.
    James Cook hospital refuses a mental patient reguarded as violent any medical treatment.2015.


    Socialmedia Cleveland.


     —  at Middlesbrough

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    Comment as Teesside. Cleveland Police Forensics Fruad…

    Comment by neil scott — 14 Dec 2015 on 4:12 am | Link
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