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Asked if anything in particular on floods came out of Cabinet, the Prime Minister's Spokesman (PMS) replied that the main issue in relation to floods in the last 24 hours or so was the Walham power station, where there was quite significant concern about whether or not it could be defended during the course of yesterday. There was a number of ministerial meetings of COBRA yesterday, going on very late into the night, a Prime Ministerial meeting this morning, and an update on the situation to Cabinet. The main issue was not only what we can do to defend the situation at Walham, but also what were the contingency arrangements that needed to be put in place should the Walham station be flooded and electricity be lost in the Gloucester area.

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PM Statement

Asked for more information on the Prime Minister's statement tomorrow, the PMS replied that journalists would have to wait for the statement.

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Migrant Workers

Asked for reaction to the DWP statistics on migrant workers, the PMS replied that firstly, none of these people were claiming benefits. We were talking about people who were coming here to work legally and made a contribution to the economy. This was all in the context of a situation where the total number of people claiming unemployment benefit had fallen by 90,000 over the last year, and the employment rate at almost 75% was one of the highest on record.

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The Prime Minister's Spokesman (PMS) told the press that Cabinet met for about an hour and a half today. There was an update from Hilary Benn on the flood situation. There was a discussion led by Alastair Darling on the economy and the spending review. The Home Secretary led a discussion on security matters ahead of the Prime Minister's statement on security issues tomorrow. The PMS said that there was also a second meeting of the National Security Committee late yesterday afternoon in preparation for the Prime Minister's statement tomorrow.

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Licensing Laws

Asked if the Prime Minister believed that the PAC report published today regarding some town centres being "no-go areas" was further evidence that licensing laws needed to be reformed, the PMS replied that as we had said yesterday, there was a review taking place, and it would need to look at all of the evidence, not one single piece.

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