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Asked further about the flooding review and how did the Prime Minister see links with climate change, the Prime Minister's Spokesman (PMS) explained to journalists that Hilary Benn announced on the 12th July in a Written Statement that there would be a review of the lessons we learnt and how to manage and respond to the type of disaster we had seen in recent weeks. The review would look at flood risk management, the emergency response, and the initial moves towards recovery. The PMS said there was a long list of terms of issues covered in the terms of reference. However, although the terms of reference were quite wide ranging, this was not a review of climate change policy. One of the things it would look at was to understand why the flooding was so extensive this time.

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Intelligence and Security Committee Report on Rendition

Asked for information on the Intelligence and Security Committee's (ISC) Report on rendition, the PMS said that it was an ISC report, not a Government review, but was being published by the Cabinet Office on their behalf. Asked for further information about the Prime Minister and Jacqui Smith's statement on security, the PMS said that it would cover a range of issues, as well as issues around how we took forward the "hearts and minds" agenda.

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24 Hour Drinking

Asked where things stood with regards to 24 hour drinking, the PMS replied that the DCMS had conducted a survey of licensing authorities in November 2006, which was one year on from implementation. Separate to that, the Home Office, as would normally happen following the introduction of a major piece of legislation, was evaluating the impact of the new legislation in detail. They were due to report by the end of 2007, which was what the Prime Minister was referring to in his press conference this morning.

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UN Secretary General

Asked further about the Prime Minister's meeting with Ban Ki Moon, the PMS replied that it was the first time they had met since Mr. Brown had become Prime Minister. They mainly covered Afghanistan in their meeting, and the Prime Minister had said that the UK was committed to Afghanistan, but both agreed to look afresh for the need for greater burden sharing in Afghanistan.

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Asked if the Prime Minister would be taking a holiday in August, the PMS confirmed that he would be, but there were no details.

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