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Asked if people were still studying what the Russians had said, and were we waiting for a formal missive from the Russian Government to our Government, the Prime Minister's Spokesman (PMS) said that it was a matter for the Russians how and when they would respond. We had not received any formal response and there was nothing to be added to the Foreign Secretary's statement yesterday.

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Mosque Petition

Asked about an e-petition on the Downing Street website calling for a ban on a "mega Mosque" in East London saying it would "cause terrible violence and suffering", and whether the Prime Minister was happy with this language being used on the website, the Prime Minister's Spokesman (PMS) replied that the Prime Minister supported the principle of e-petitions, and they would continue on the website. Clearly the issues raised need to be looked at and kept under review, but we did not have a clear position on this at the moment.

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Asked if there had been any further contact with the Russian authorities, the PMS replied that there was contact yesterday between David Miliband and his opposite number. But we were not in a position to comment on specific contacts beyond that, and journalists should speak to the Foreign Office.

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Asked what the Prime Minister's view was on Metronet since he was closely involved in setting it up, and had he had any meetings on this, and would he be getting involved, the PMS replied that obviously the Prime Minister was kept informed, but these were matters very much being taken forward by the Mayor, who was responsible for the management of the PPP contracts, and no doubt there would be discussion with the Department for Transport and the Treasury. More generally on the Tube, since the introduction of the PPP we had seen a fully refurbished Waterloo & City Line, 46 completely refurbished trains on the District Line, 75 stations modernised, an extra car on all Jubilee Line trains plus 4 new trains, and in addition to the 75 stations modernised, work was underway on over 40 more.

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Organ Donation

Asked what the Government's policy was on an opt-out system for transplants, since Governments had shied away from this in the past, the PMS replied that it was best to check with the Department of Health. The CMO had published his report today and this would be subject to a very wide process of consultation.

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Select Committees

Asked if the Prime Minister foresaw any problems with Ministers going before Select Committees and telling them their political views, the PMS replied that the Prime Minister was very happy with all of the Ministers he had in his Government and the way that they were conducting themselves. All of the Ministers in this Government would follow the Government Whip, but whether or not they joined the Labour Party was a matter of preference.

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