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Asked what tomorrow’s health statement would cover, the PMS said that it would be a wide-ranging statement, and it was therefore better to wait for the statement.

Asked if there had been any discussion about future legislation, and was it leading up to The Queen’s Speech, or was there going to be a period where there was no Queen’s Speech until the start of Parliament, the PMS said that the detail of the process of how the Government would take forward its legislative programme would be part of the announcements later today. Therefore, it would be easier to have that discussion once it was known what was in the statement.

Asked if the Prime Minister had outlined anything about how he expected people to conduct themselves, the PMS said that there would be an update of the Ministerial Code as part of the package of measures that were being considered.

Asked with regards to the housing package, was there any discussion of the issue of sub-prime lending, and whether that was a risk to the market, the PMS replied that it was a wide ranging discussion, and was more focused on what could be done in order to help address challenges faced on affordability by first time buyers in particular.

Asked if the discussion had been more about building more homes, the PMS said that clearly the big challenge on the affordability issue was to ensure that enough homes were built in order to match ever-increasing demand.

Asked how many Ministers had replied to the consultation on constitutional changes with proposals to amend or replace anything, the PMS replied that he did not want to get into the process of who said what. However, as he had said at the time of the first Cabinet meeting, every member of the Cabinet spoke and those comments were reflected in updated versions of the document and the Prime Minister’s statement.

Asked again how many spoke today, the PMS replied that it was a lengthy discussion on a wide range of issues.

Asked if there were any views from the Prime Minister about the future of the Human Rights Act, the PMS replied that it was best to wait for the statement.

Put that it was a "packed programme" with regards to statements, and was this set to continue in the run up to Recess, the PMS replied that we had always made it clear that we were expecting a busy July.

Asked if it was expected that the statements on Wednesday and Thursday to contain specific legislative ideas or would they instead contain broad overviews of the legislative process, the PMS said people should wait for the statement.

Put that private equity bosses were appearing before the Treasury Select Committee today, and what was the Prime Minister’s attitude towards it, the PMS replied that the Prime Minister was always a great promoter of the enterprise agenda when he was Chancellor, and that would continue now he was Prime Minister. However, there had been specific issues, and particular concerns raised, but the Treasury was conducting a review on some of these issues, so journalists should consult them for further information.

Asked what the legislative follow though was on the constitutional details, the PMS said that people should wait for the statement this afternoon. It was clearly a broad spectrum; at one end, there were specific proposals that could be implanted immediately, and at the other end was a very green, open consultative process. Some of these issues would require legislation, but in terms of specifics and timetables, it was best to wait for the statement.

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