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Sinn Fein

PMOS welcomed the announcement by the Sinn Fein Executive, the Ard Comhairle, that they are going to proceed with the St Andrew's Agreement. Asked if the announcement meant that Sinn Fein accepted the role of the police force the PMOS replied it meant they had accepted in general that we moved forward on the basis of the St Andrew's Agreement. From Sinn Fein's point of view they appeared to have said yes. Further meetings still needed to take place but the general indication had been given.

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Prorogation of Parliament

Asked if there would be a PMQs this week if the House was prorogued the PMOS replied that it would depend when the House of Lords business finished. It could end late Tuesday but it wasn't known yet.

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Asked when there would be a discussion in Cabinet about Trident the PMOS said that there was an exhaustive process of analysis within government. Asked if there would be a vote in Parliament before the end of the year or around the end of the year, the PMOS replied that it was best to wait for the outcome of the process of analysis. Asked if there was any clue as to whether there would be a White Paper before the end of the year, the PMOS said it would be best to wait until the end of the process.

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Police Inquiry

Asked, as the Prime Minister's newly anointed spokesman on police inquiries whether the Prime Minister, or anyone in his office, had been questioned by the police the PMOS replied that he was glad to hear of his appointment and in this role he had nothing new to say.

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Death Penalty

Asked if the Prime Minister agreed with the EU Statement on the sentence in the Saddam Hussein trial, that he should not be executed, the PMOS said that much more to the point, Margaret Beckett's statement yesterday said that the British Government's position was that it opposed the death penalty, and the Prime Minister said this morning said that he opposed the death penalty for Saddam Hussein or any body else. What people seem to ignore is the fact that Iraq is a sovereign country, with its own court and therefore it is up to its court what sentence it passes. We could express a view, as we have done through Margaret Beckett and through the Prime Minister this morning, but it is a matter, first and foremost for the Iraqi court. Asked if that meant he was saying the European Union was ignoring the decision of the Iraqi courts as they were in the their statement urging the Iraqis not to execute Saddam Hussein, the PMOS said that we had expressed a view opposing the death penalty as we had done before, at the same time as we have always recognised what sovereignty means.

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Press Conference

Asked by the editor of BBC On-line why the Prime Minister was so irritable this morning at the press conference the PMOS responded by saying the journalists had been rude in the way they had questioned the Prime Minister. The PMOS went on to say that he considered people interrupting answers to be rude. Asked if that meant there was an understanding that journalists were not allowed to ask supplementary questions the PMOS replied that that was generally the basis on which the press conferences had worked in the past, but it was up to the Prime Minister if he wished to take a supplementary question. But that was not the same as repeated interruptions mid-answer.

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Prime Minister Prodi

Asked what the main talking points between the Prime Minister and Prime Minister Prodi had been the PMOS said that Europe as a whole, the MEPP and as it was the first meeting in London since the Italian elections there was an overview of the situation as they saw it. Asked if Mr. Mills was raised in discussions the PMOS said that was a private matter on which he did not brief.

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