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Detention Powers

Asked where we stood on 90 days, and would we be bringing that debate back, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) reminded journalists that we had always said that we believed that 90 days was the right answer, and we did so on the basis of the advice from the police at the time. However, the House spoke, and we said at the time that we would respect the wishes of the House. However, we also said that we would take cognisance of continuing police advice, and we would do so. As the Prime Minister had said, if we were going to move on this, we would much prefer that we did so on the basis of consensus, but we should see not only what the police advice was, but also, whether that consensus existed.

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Put that there was no mention of Trident in the Queen's Speech, and did we still expect something by the end of the year, the PMOS said that there would be an exhaustive process of analysis and the Prime Minister had said that on the basis of that, there would obviously be decisions taken.

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