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Ministerial Gifts and Travel

Asked about whether the Prime Minister could use gifts held by the Prime Minister’s Office, and whether he paid the full amount or the difference between the value and the allowance, the PMOS said that the normal rules applied. For detail on the rules journalists should speak to the Cabinet Office. Asked if the Government had found a use for the dagger given to him by the Government of Malaysia, the PMOS said it was for journalists to speculate on the gifts. Asked why some items had been valued and others simply catalogued as being ‘over the limit’, the PMOS said that the gifts were normally valued by an independent valuation or against their retail prices whichever was most appropriate. Some of the gifts were hard to value. Some gifts were disposed of and the money would either be donated to charity or covered by departmental funds.

Journalists drew the attention of the PMOS to the fact that in April 2004 the Government of Italy had given the Prime Minister a watch, and then in May they had given him earrings and a ring, and then a month later gave two watches, a bracelet, and a necklace, and then a sculpture, it was put to the PMOS that Prime Minister Berlusconi ‘liked his bling’, the PMOS said that it was customary diplomatic practice.

Asked why Margaret Beckett had used 32 Squadron for travel rather than scheduled flights, the PMOS said that for detail journalists should check with the department but he reminded them that she had a very heavy international commitment as part of the current World Trade Organisation (WTO) round.

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  1. Yes indeed. One has visions of the lovely Tone getting the full regalia on of an evening with his best frock and then mincing about in the privacy of his various homes. Marginally prettier than the stunning (in every sense) Cherie, though.

    32 Sqn should be officially renamed the Becket Flight. Check the logbooks out! But she doesn\x92t get the airmiles with the deal, which must be a drag. Mind you it makes a change from seeing her racketing around the countryside in that caravan looking like a demented – if slightly upmarket – pikey. Take a look at those articles in the women\x92s mags. I nearly ruptured myself laughing.

    Still it\x92s probably better than her rolling up in Brussels in the Dormobile, eh? And I suppose she could collect the Green Shield Stamps on the fuel as a bonus and get herself some nice cut glass ornaments to go on the mantelpiece.

    Berlusconi really merits a whole book to himself, what with his \x91connections\x92 etc. Although everyone will have been sworn to silence, of course\x85\x85\x85

    Comment by Chuck Unsworth — 22 Jul 2005 on 3:13 pm | Link
  2. For a government elected on a promise of "no more sleaze" this one has to take the biscuit- as there has been more than any other that I can remember (and that is saying something). It does not reflect well on Tony or the Party.

    Comment by roger — 26 Jul 2005 on 1:33 pm | Link

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