» Thursday, July 7, 2005

Transcript of briefing given by the PMOS in London

The Prime Minister returned, as you know, from Gleneagles. He went straight into a meeting of Cobra, where all the main Secretaries of State associated with this terrible tragedy and atrocity were there.  He is now currently speaking to the Leader of the Opposition and to Charles Kennedy.  He will then make a private visit to the command centre at Scotland Yard. We will then, and again I don't want to give precise times because for obvious reasons, we will then go back to Gleneagles.  On Gleneagles, while we have not, as planned, issued our communiqué today on climate change, work has continued, and we will produce our communiqué on climate change, and on Africa, tomorrow, as planned. The African leaders who were planning to come tomorrow to Gleneagles will continue to come. And in terms of the Prime Minister's movements, tomorrow he will come back to London, and it is anticipated he will chair another meeting of Cobra. It is also thought that there will be a further meeting of Cobra, chaired by the Home Secretary, tomorrow morning.

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Read Tony Blair’s full statement

I am just going to make a short statement to you on the terrible events that have happened in London earlier today, and I hope you understand that at the present time we are still trying to establish exactly what has happened, and there is a limit to what information I can give you, and […]

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Summary of PM’s statement on London explosions

Tony Blair has spoken about this morning’s explosions on buses and Tubes in the capital. Speaking from the G8 summit in Gleneagles, he said his thoughts were with the victims and families of those involved in the ‘barbaric events.’

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