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Asked why the Prime Minister had not mentioned the G8 today, considering Live 8 had just occurred, and was this a "slap in the face" the PMS said the Prime Minister had spent a lot of time over the past weeks and months talking about the G8 and the important issues that were coming up. The Prime Minister was in Singapore today promoting the Olympic bid for London, and that seemed entirely appropriate. The Prime Minister was entirely focused on what was to happen later in the week. It was not a question of ignoring it, or giving it "a slap in the face", as the Prime Minister was completely focused on both events, but today he was concentrating on the events of the IOC.

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President Chirac

Asked for any reaction to President Chirac's recent comments that the only thing we had given to European agriculture was Mad Cow Disease, the PMS said there were some things better not to be commented on.

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Asked about findings which suggested that 1 in 10 teenagers had at some time been in possession of a knife or gun, the Prime Minister's Spokesman (PMS) said that journalists should look at the context of the report. As she understood it the report was unpublished and had been leaked a few weeks ago. We did not comment on leaked documents. The PMS referred journalists to the Home Office for information on the Violent Crime Bill which included measures to help schools, the community and the Police deal with people carrying knives and guns.

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Voting Reform

Asked in the context of the speech Geoff Hoon would make to the IPPR later today what the Prime Minister's views on compulsory voting were, the PMS said that Geoff Hoon was starting a debate. This was his personal view and did not signal that the government was about to introduce a change to its policy. Clearly we wanted to see as many people as possible taking part in the electoral process and Geoof Hoon setting out his view in the hope that this would start a debate amongst others. Asked about the review the Government had promised on this issue, the PMS said that the review wouldn't look at compulsory voting but the electoral process. Asked what the Prime Minister's personal view was, the PMS said that she hadn't asked him.

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Asked about German aid commitments and their lack of enthusiasm the PMS said that at this stage it would not be helpful for her to start commenting on reports that were coming out of other countries or out of meetings she had not attended. We were looking towards the G8 with an ambitious agenda and the important thing was to see what happened there. We only had 2 or 3 days left before the meetings started. We should concentrate on what happened there.

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Asked where the Prime Minister would be when the result of the IOC vote was announced, the PMS said that the plan was that he would be in Gleneagles. Asked if he was confident, the PMS said that the Prime Minister was very up-beat. As we had said last week, we were going flat out to get the bid. He was having meetings today and tomorrow with IOC members.

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Asked why we were deporting people to Zimbabwe, the PMS said that the Prime Minister had set out the position last week. We had had a policy of not returning people to Zimbabwe which ended last November. Since then every case would be considered individually on their merits and the policy hadn't changed in terms of how we were looking at deportations to Zimbabwe. People were exercising their rights under the system and that system would continue.

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Home Secretary

Asked about reports that the Prime Minister did not have full confidence in the Home Secretary, the PMOS said that the Home Secretary had the Prime Minister's full confidence and support and to suggest anything else was absurd.

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