» Thursday, July 15, 2004

Chancellor Schroeder

Asked about the Prime Minister's meeting with Chancellor Schroeder in Downing Street this afternoon, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that the two leaders met on a regular basis. It wasn't our policy to brief on their discussions.

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Butler Report

Asked if the Prime Minister would respond to the Leader of the Opposition's letter asking him to front a debate on the Butler Report in the Commons next week, the PMOS confirmed that the letter had been received. However, since the Prime Minister was currently meeting Chancellor Schroeder, he had not yet seen it. Once the meeting had concluded, he would obviously have a look at it and respond in due course.

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Transport Plan

Asked if the Government would set out its proposals for a piecemeal re-nationalisation of the transport system by stealth in its Transport plan, the PMOS said that the Government would publish its five-year transport plan shortly. He had no intention of pre-empting it. That said, if he was being asked about today's rail announcement, he would refer journalists to the Transport Secretary's Statement in the House.

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Butler Report

Asked if there had been any discussion at Cabinet this morning about collective Government, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) said no. Asked if the Butler Report had been discussed at all, the PMOS said no. He pointed out that one of the criticisms contained in the Report, which the media had picked up on, was the fact that some Cabinet discussions had not been prepared for properly. In the light of the fact that the Report had only been published yesterday, it was therefore entirely understandable why there had been no discussion about it at Cabinet today. In answer to further questions, the PMOS said that there were obviously implications arising from the Butler Report which we would reflect on. That would be done in a considered, rather than knee-jerk, fashion. In our view, that was the most sensible way to approach these issues.

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Asked if a reshuffle was expected tomorrow or whether journalists could safely take the day off, the PMOS said he sympathised with the journalists' predicament, but as they knew well, it wasn't our policy to respond to reshuffle questions.

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Prime Minister’s Questions

[ Yesterday, The Prime Minister answered questions from MPs in the House of Commons. You can read and comment on his answers at TheyWorkForYou.com. ]

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