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Asked for the Prime Minister?s thoughts on Lord Richards? comments on news British troops would be pulling out of Afghanistan, the PMS said the Prime Minister had always been clear there would be a gradual process of drawing down rather than a ?cliff edge? approach when withdrawing from Afghanistan. Asked how long the Prime Minister […]

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Asked to clarify whether the business case for Universal Credit had been passed, the Prime Minister?s Spokesperson (PMS) pointed to the Nicky Morgan MP PQ answer to Stephen Timms MP, which stated there was a gradual roll-out process and the Treasury had approved funding for the programme in 2013-14 and 2014-15. The PMS added this […]

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Child abuse

Asked why the government had decided to announce a new review into child abuse allegations, the PMS said the Prime Minister was determined to get to the bottom of the many questions surrounding these allegations. The PMS explained that there would be 2 main elements. First, a review of the Home Office handling of information […]

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Asked if there was any further update on tackling extremism or removing extremist content from the internet, the PMS said that the government continued to work with internet service providers and that removing extremist material was a part of tackling the problem. The PMS added that the government had banned 72 so-called hate preachers and […]

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Relations with President Putin

Asked about relations with President Putin, the PMS said that Britain had a straightforward relationship with Russia: where we disagree we said so directly. He added that the Prime Minister had been leading in bringing about international action – including sanctions – against Russia over Ukraine and Crimea. original source.

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