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Russian sanctions

When asked about sanctions against Russia, the PMS said the UK is playing a major role in the discussions in Brussels, and has been one of the countries pushing for a strong response to Russia?s actions in Ukraine. She added that the UK continues to press on 2 key areas; sectoral measures and expanding measures […]

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Spare room subsidy

Asked about whether the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister had spoken regarding the Liberal Democrat view on the spare room subsidy, the PMS said the Leader of the House had covered this in Business Questions. Asked about the implication of the Liberal Democrat change of view on coalition policy, the PMS referred journalists to […]

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EU Council

Asked whether the Prime Minister will publish Dominic Grieve?s views on the United Kingdom and the European Court of Human Rights, the PMS said there were clear rules regarding disclosure of government papers. However, if the question related to what might be in the Conservative Manifesto, the PMS referred journalists to political colleagues. The PMS […]

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