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Ministers’ Interests

Asked what the difference was between the register of members interests and the register of ministers interests, the Prime Minister s Spokesman (PMS) said that the register of ministers interests related to any interests that members or close family members had that was relevant to their ministerial duties or where there was a perceived potential […]

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Sir Fred Goodwin

Asked if the Prime Minister thought Sir Fred Goodwin should keep his knighthood, the PMS said that our focus was on looking at the legal underpinning of Fred Goodwin s pension arrangements. Asked if the Prime Minister recognised the anger on the Labour benches about the fact Sir Fred Goodwin still had his knighthood, the […]

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Gateway to Global Growth

Asked about the Gateway to Global Growth, the PMS said that UK Trade and Investment was introducing a new programme called Gateway to Global Help, which was a programme of support for small and medium sized enterprises who wanted to export. On specifics it was best to speak to the department. original source.

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Northern Ireland

Asked what steps were being taken to find the missing 300lb bomb, the PMS said that stories like this would appear throughout times such as the ones we were experiencing at the moment but we would not comment on every story relating to security matters, except to say that Hugh Orde was responsible for security […]

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Put that Lord Mandelson had said that the Bank of England and the Treasury had not acted quickly enough to help the car industry, the PMS said that Lord Mandelson had made clear that discussions were making progress on this front and we recognised the urgency needed. There would be further discussions between the Treasury […]

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