» Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Asked how actively the Prime Minister was pushing for no-fly zone over Darfur, the PMOS replied that the Prime Minister said on the record in the press conference in Berlin on Sunday that he personally believed that this was one of the ways forward. His first point however was that the international community needed to recognise that unfortunately the Sudanese Government had not been living up to what they had said they would do, and that while they responded when there was international pressure, once that pressure recedes they don't respond. This was why on Sunday the Prime Minister very explicitly called for a new UN resolution imposing sanctions. But as part of the practical way of which the ongoing conflict on the ground is addressed, the Prime Minister personally believes that a no-fly zone would have a role. But it would obviously take others to cooperate with that.

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» Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Prime Minister’s Monthly Press Conference

Asked when the press conference was likely to be for this month as time was slipping away, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that he wasn't sure if there would be one next week but that there would be one in April.

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Asked if there were any plans to publish the GPS coordinates of where the British personnel were picked up, the PMOS said, as he had this morning, we were still at the stage of trying to discreetly talk to the Iranians, but leave them in no doubt that we expected the immediate release of our personnel. If that did not work then we may have to become more explicit. There are downsides to that as well as up sides and we have to take into account both sides of the equation.

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Asked if the Prime Minister would be voting on casinos, the PMOS said he wasn't sure but would check.

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Sir Alistair Graham

Asked if there had been any response to Sir Alistair Graham's comments, the PMOS said no.

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Iran/Kidnapped personnel

Asked what did the Prime Minister mean today when he said that the situation could move into a "different phase" if the Navy personnel were not released, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) replied that he still hoped people would remain very careful about what they said about the situation. We had been clearly stating that we were utterly certain that the personnel were in Iraqi waters. So far, we had not made explicit why we knew that because we did not want to escalate this. We might have to get to the stage where we do become more explicit about why we know, and we did not want to do that too soon, as we would prefer this to be resolved quietly and privately. That was all that the Prime Minister meant; he did not mean anything else, so people should not over-interpret what he said.

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Crime Statistics

Asked what the platform was for the crime statistics, the PMOS said that it was to show how crime had fallen since 1997, and it underlined the basic message of what the Prime Minister was saying this morning. Whether that was fear of crime, victims of crime, or crime itself, it showed the statistical breakdown of just how much they had fallen since 1997, and it was useful as a reminder whenever the stats came out. The top line of what the Prime Minister was saying, however, was that for the 100,000 repeat criminals who committed 50% of all crime, we had to devise a way to deal with them, and to deal with them in such a way, not as some coverage today was suggesting that we went soft on them. Rather, that we actually combined prison, where it was appropriate, with rehabilitation, as so much of repeat crime was related to drugs. Therefore, if the drugs issues were treated, the repeat offenders would be stopped. Where that had happened in a pilot scheme involving 7000, we had seen a 62% reduction in court convictions over 17 months, so that showed that it worked.

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Child Poverty

Put that the figures attached to Jim Murphy's announcement today showed that they were getting worse, the PMOS said it was better to wait for the announcement to come out. The PMOS said that the majority of the rise in relative child poverty this year appeared to be accounted for by a rise in the number of self-employed households in poverty. There was a considerable error in recording the incomes of self-employed households. It was the trend over time that mattered for children, and under this Government, it had declined substantially.

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Casino Orders

Asked if the Casino order was lost tomorrow, would happen next, the PMOS said that the question was a hypothetical one, but the important thing was that the Government had set out the process when we made the announcement. We would therefore, go through that process and we believed that we should follow the recommendation put forward by the Commission.

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» Monday, March 26, 2007

Iranian Hostages

Asked why we could not release the coordinates of where our personnel were, and so clearing any discrepancy between us and Iran, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) replied that throughout all of this we had been making a very genuine effort to have discussions with the Iranians in private, so not to escalate the tension. And anything that we did would have to be in accordance with that principle. People should not mistake discretion for lack of certainty. As we had said this morning, we were utterly certain that our personnel were in Iraqi water, but there were ways of handling this which should be observed in the interest of those personnel.

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