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EU Summit

The PMOS started by telling reporters that the Summit needed to be set in context and seen as a stepping-stone. No one would have predicted a few years ago that climate change would have been such a key agenda item at an EU summit. Secondly, it marked the next logical step following on from our Gleneagles Presidency and the agenda on energy and climate change which we had set out at Hampton Court. The next key step is now to move this on again at the G8+5 meeting in Germany this summer. We believe that can be a major turning point.

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Police Inquiry

Put to him that yesterday, when the BBC in trying to lift the injunction terms on the cash for peerages case, Mrs Justice Swift had revealed that Jonathan Powell had been the intended addressee of Ruth Turner's document and was there any reaction, the PMOS replied clearly that, this was not an email. It was not sent, and it wasn't received. That was not what the original BBC report had been going to say, end of story.

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Sir Alan Sugar

Asked if the comments made by Sir Alan Sugar that Lord Levy had been hung out to dry by No.10 and was being fixed up for a prosecution by the police, the PMOS said that anyone who had been at lobby this week or read the lobby note on the Prime Minister's website, would be clear that we had said that the Prime Minister's view of Lord Levy, and Lord Levy's role, has not changed. Back at the Ramalla press conference just before Christmas, the Prime Minister said himself why he valued Lord Levy and valued the role he plays and that had not changed.

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Lord Chief Justice

Asked about the comments made by the Lord Chief Justice that convicted killers be released from gaol because otherwise gaol would be full of geriatrics, the PMOS said it was a question for the Lord Chief Justice. The Government recognised that the Lord Chief Justice had this view but we disagreed. We believed that people should be kept in prison as long as they're judged to be a danger to society.

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Northern Ireland Elections

The PMOS went on to say that the Prime Minister and the Taoiseach had done a short doorstep this morning on Northern Ireland and the summary was that both leaders had congratulated the parties who had been elected but also said that the clear message was that people now wanted the parties to set up a devolved Government by 26th March and to get on and deal with the practical issues of water rates and education.

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Asked where the talks were on the various proposals, the PMOS said that even as he spoke the leaders and heads of government were discussing it round the table, so we were not yet there. He added that we believed that we would get there, we believed that in terms of the specifics, renewables, targets for cutting emissions and so on, this is real practical progress and it would send out the signal in two directions. One, to the other members of the G8 + 5 for the June meeting, which was very, very important. Two, to industry to invest in the technology which would be necessary to achieve those targets. That was important. Europe wass giving a lead; it was reflecting public opinion right across Europe but it was also giving a practical lead and that we believed was a major achievement.

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