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Asked why Lord Triesman could not say this morning why the Prime Minister had not yet intervened in the situation in Zimbabwe, the Prime Minister's Spokesman (PMS) said that the Prime Minister had met with the President of Ghana, who is also the head of the Africa Union, this week at which this subject was discussed. The Prime Minister has been very clear on the need to keep up the pressure via the EU and other international organisations. Asked, because of the severity of events in Zimbabwe, had the Prime Minister had been in touch today, the PMS said she would check.

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Lance Corporal Matthew Hull

Asked if there was a reaction from the Prime Minister regarding the verdict of unlawful killing of Lance Corporal Matthew Hull, the PMS said that she could not comment as the verdict was just announced as she came to brief the parliamentary lobby. She added that as the Prime Minister had set out previously, we had expressed regret for the distress that had been caused to the families involved, but in terms of the inquiry and the inquest she was unable to react further at this stage.

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Home Office

Asked if it was true that the Foreign Secretary had threatened to resign over the Home Secretary's security plans, the PMS said that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office had already fully dismissed the story and had confirmed it was totally untrue and 'not her style'. This was a serious issue and it is being treated with seriousness. The PMS went on to say that when this issue has been raised before it has been made clear that reports that the SIS might have to report to the Home Secretary are wrong. Asked when a decision regarding the Home Office could be expected from Cabinet, the PMS said it was a serious issue and one that is complex and therefore it was to be expected that it would take time to consider it and a decision would be made when the Government was ready to make a decision. Asked if it would be a short-term discussion, the PMS said that the decision would happen when the decision happens.

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Asked if the Prime Minister was in agreement with the Chancellor over the aspiration to have a non-smoking nation, how many people smoked in No.10 and if the PMS herself was a smoker, the PMS said that she did not answer personal questions, just questions regarding the Prime Minister. In terms of a survey of smokers in Downing Street she had not conducted one before she left for this morning's briefing. The PMS added that the Prime Minister was committed to reducing the ill health effects of smoking, as reporters would see by the smoking ban in public places which comes in force later this year.

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Police Inquiry


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Asked if it was normal for the Prime Minister to attack businessmen as he had done when describing ex-Royal Bank of Scotland chairman, the PMS said she did not recognise that particular characterisation of the Prime Minister's remarks but as she had not yet seen the transcript she would rather wait until she had before commenting. Put to her that the Prime Minister had described Sir George Matthewson as 'guilty of self-indulgent ...putting forward an absurd economic argument'; the PMS said she would look into the comments.

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