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Asked how actively the Prime Minister was pushing for no-fly zone over Darfur, the PMOS replied that the Prime Minister said on the record in the press conference in Berlin on Sunday that he personally believed that this was one of the ways forward. His first point however was that the international community needed to recognise that unfortunately the Sudanese Government had not been living up to what they had said they would do, and that while they responded when there was international pressure, once that pressure recedes they don’t respond. This was why on Sunday the Prime Minister very explicitly called for a new UN resolution imposing sanctions. But as part of the practical way of which the ongoing conflict on the ground is addressed, the Prime Minister personally believes that a no-fly zone would have a role. But it would obviously take others to cooperate with that.

Asked if the Prime Minister was confident that he could get this support from others, the PMOS replied that the next step was to see where we were in terms of the UN, and a desire for a resolution there. First and foremost at this stage the Prime Minister wanted to raise awareness that this problem was not getting better and that the Sudanese Government were not fulfilling their obligations.

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  1. Everyone in the world of unreality thinks that our Prime Minister is a pushover for Washington. Far from that. As an American man put it on his article which appeared on the African Muslim portal http://www.esinislam.com, "Mr. Tony Blair is a man of himself…strong, intelligent, and humane. Camerals have not shown him recently with President Bush, which may suggest the British able leader has hit the nail where White House doesn’t want the leak."

    Like all critics of the Prime Minister on Iraq both home and abroad, suggestion by the West African academic and cleric, Sheikh Adelabu on its students esinislam.com that the billions of money spent on Iraq should have been directed to Africa to solve all African problems and make the poverty history in Africa is as short-sighted as to believe their shall not be war anywhere in the world anymore as long as everyone has got Weapon of Mass Destructions.

    I totally and utterly disagree with the African Sheikh. The problems in Africa today was not created only by materials or money to be more precise. Africa is a complex continent with real complexities including tribalism, creeds, religions, language barriers, and above all egoism and vainglory.

    I am not an African of course. But I have a lot of African friends men and women among whom have introduce me to the African Muslim website. Many of them share my opinions not only because they were born here but also because they were educated here.

    What Africa needs, Sheikh Adelabu as you yourself has said in your ‘sermon’, is education and hearts to serve (as you put it) the troubled black continent.

    Iraq is a problem that was created by lack of those hearts to serve or at least by not letting those hearts serve. Instead, a dictator and his fellow egoistics seized control of Iraq for over three decades and destroyed the prosperous nation with both weapons of mass destruction and weapons of own destruction. Where is he today? Perished with all his wickedness.

    Let call a space a space. Mr. Blair deserves credits for what he has achieved and contributed for the kof humanity be it in Iraq or Iran, Zimbabwe or Sierra Leone, Bulka or Bali.

    Steve Steward

    Steve Steward

    Comment by Steve Steward — 1 Apr 2007 on 4:36 pm | Link

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