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90 Days

Asked why the Attorney General was not satisfied with the evidence presented to him for the case for 90 days' detention when the Prime Minister had seen the evidence the last time it was raised, and that the Prime Minister said it had been comprehensive and detailed, the PMOS said that he was not aware that the Attorney General had spoken on the record on the matter, but in terms of moving forward we would do so on an evidential basis. We would talk to the police and others and would come to a view. The PMOS also said that, like last time, people come at this from different perspectives, and we would try and move forward on the basis of a consensus, but it would be best to see first and foremost what the evidential basis puts forward.

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NATO Conference

Asked what was the importance of the coming NATO Conference in Riga, the PMOS said the Prime Minister attached importance to the conference, but the best time to talk about it would be when we were there. People could see in Kabul what the importance of the NATO effort was as a whole. First and foremost it should not be underestimated what had already been achieved in Kabul, in the North and in the West, and now turning to the South. That was the plan at the last NATO Conference in Istanbul, it had been decided then that we would follow it in this pattern and people should see the progress that we are making in Afghanistan as a whole, at the same time as recognising how difficult it is in Helmand, but even in Helmand progress was being made.

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Asked about the report that costs for the Olympics had risen to £8 billion, the PMOS said that the issue was primarily a matter for the Olympic Delivery Authority, and then a matter for the Department for Culture Media and Sport and the Treasury to discuss.

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Asked if there had been any discussions between the Prime Minister and President Musharraf regarding extradition treaties being signed between Britain and Pakistan, the PMOS said that it had not come up in discussions. Asked, given that the Home Office had said that it was an important issue why had it not come up in discussions, the PMOS said that it was a matter that would be discussed between the Home Office and the Ministry of the Interior in Pakistan.

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Nuclear Power

Asked, following a poll in the Financial Times which showed an even split between pro, against and unsure supporters for nuclear power, what the Prime Minister would say on the matter in the coming week, the PMOS said that the energy white paper had been produced and put forward the arguments why we needed to have a mixed energy supply of renewable energy, conventional energy, and nuclear energy. This argument is one that is designed to meet the energy needs of the country, but also to meet the demands of the environment, this is why the White Paper suggests the mix it does.

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Police Inquiry

Asked if the Prime Minister had been questioned by the police, the PMOS said that the Middle East was a bit far for the police to travel. Asked if that was why the Prime Minister was in the Middle East, the PMOS said he would see everyone tomorrow.

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