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Birthday Parties

The Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) confirmed that the Prime Minister, like the rest of the NATO leadership, would not be attending any birthday party that would not be taking place in Riga tonight. The PMOS said that he especially wanted to make that clear to the Daily Express, and the Prime Minister would not be resigning as a result of not being invited to a birthday party that was not taking place!

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Asked what further discussions there had been about troops being sent to Afghanistan from other countries, and how many more would be sent, the PMOS replied that he was not going to brief on how many would be sent, but what was important was that Poland had sent an extra 1000 troops. The PMOS said that the important things about this summit was that first of all, there was an acceptance that this was crucial not only to Afghanistan, but to NATO and NATO's future. As the Prime Minister had said in his contributions last night, NATO had to not only say it, but mean it as well. In terms of the flexibility that was now being introduced by lifting some of the caveats around NATO's troops, that was important progress.

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Asked how worried the Prime Minister was at the prospect of the Eurofighter deal collapsing because the Saudis had suspended negotiations, the PMOS said that he had not commented at all on the Saudi case because there was an ongoing case, and it would be wrong for him to do so. Obviously, we were well aware of the case.

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Asked about Turkey and how difficult the negotiations would be, the PMOS replied that there were two important points. Firstly, this was not the EU Council, as that would come later in the month. What we used today's meeting for, however, was to find out what Turkey's position was in the run-up to the EU Council. We were aware of the position of other EU countries, and what we were therefore trying to work out was how we helped move things forward. People were aware of the difficulties, and what we needed to find was a way forward, and we would use the period between now and the EU Council to try and find that way. If we could help in our way, then we would.

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