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Prime Minister’s First Anniversary

Asked about the Prime Minister’s mood ahead of his first year anniversary, the Prime Minister’s Spokesman (PMS) replied that the Prime Minister had been asked this question at Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) and there was nothing more to add to that; the Prime Minister was getting on with the business of Government. Asked repeatedly what […]

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Renewable Energy

Asked how the Government planned to meet the targets set out in the Prime Minister’s speech on a low carbon economy, the Prime Minister’s Spokesman (PMS) told the assembled press that BERR were better placed to answer the detailed questions but as the Prime Minister and John Hutton had been saying, of course this was […]

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Asked whether the Prime Minister had any reaction to Nelson Mandela’s comments on Zimbabwe, the PMS said that the Prime Minister’s general view on this was that there was growing international condemnation against Robert Mugabe and his regime and what they were doing to suppress the democratic will of the Zimbabwe people. We had seen […]

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Equality Bill

Asked what the Prime Minister’s view was on reports this morning that business leaders saw the new proposals as too expensive to implement and too bureaucratic, the PMS said that this was a matter that we had been consulting on for some time. The detail and the specifics of what exactly was going to be […]

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Anonymity for Witnesses

Asked about concerns raised over people accused of crimes anonymously and how concerned was the Government about protecting people from witnesses who might have ulterior motives, the PMS said that the Government’s overriding priority here was to protect the public and that was why we thought it would be necessary in order to introduce legislation […]

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Put that there had been reports that the last American nuclear weapons had been removed from the RAF Lakenheath, the PMS said that he had not seen those reports so he would not want to comment on the matter until he had done so. In the meantime people should check with the MoD. Asked about […]

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