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G8 Statement

Asked about the figure of 5000 people that the Prime Minister had mentioned in his statement and would happen to the 10,000 left behind, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that people needed to differentiate between the number of people who were technically British citizens or dual nationals and the number of people who had requested to leave. It was a fluid situation and as such he would not offer a precise predictions about the numbers that would leave. Put that some people would still have to remain that wanted to get out, the PMOS said that the Prime Minister had not been saying that the effort would then end at that point. It would continue, but it was important to distinguish between those that wanted to leave and those who wanted to stay.

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British Motor Industry reception

Asked for further information regarding the event, the PMOS told people that there would be a Formula One car in Downing Street.

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Middle East

Asked for further information about the evacuation plans from Lebanon, the PMOS said that we had evacuated 63 of the most vulnerable British nationals yesterday using the three helicopters that we had brought Javier Solana in on. We had six ships either in the region, or heading for the region, with the first evacuation by ship was planned for later today. The PMOS said that we were not giving details of timings or even numbers at this stage because of the security situation on the ground. We had deployed rapid deployment teams from the FCO who specialised in this sort of operation to both Beirut and to Cyprus at either end of the evacuation route. We believed that we had put together an evacuation plan, and we were in touch with people on the ground. The advice at the moment to British nationals was to stay in touch with the embassy, and maintain a low profile where possible.

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Cash for Honours

Asked if there had been any requests from the police to interview the Prime Minister, the PMOS said that the Prime Minister had been rather busy, but there had not been any requests.

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