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Forest Gate

Put that Sir Ian Blair had said in his speech today that Forest Gate was justified, and people had only heard the family’s side of the story, therefore, if there was another side of the story, shouldn’t the Government try to bring it out, the PMOS said that ignored the fact that there was an IPC investigation going on. Due process might not fit with media deadlines, but we still should abide by due process. That, inevitably, in these kinds of situations, did mean that there was a one-sided picture. The PMOS said that was partly the price we had to pay for due process.

Asked if we hoped in the fullness of time that the full picture would emerge, the PMOS replied: yes, in the fullness of time. However, the PMOS would not say anything that pre-judged the due process.

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  1. Note the similarities between Stockwell and Forest Gate. Misinformation rapidly disseminated by media whores, is still believed by certain sections of a gullible public, months after it has been disproved. Specifically:
    – he ran from the police (ignored police order to stop)
    – he wore a bulky jacket too hot for the weather
    – he jumped the ticket barrier
    All lies
    Forest Gate
    – one brother shot the other
    – one brother had a police record
    – there was a fortune in cash in the house (Stg.35,000, fortune?). So what?

    But half an excuse is better than none.
    When the truth trickles out it’s really damning, but that’s the point. Make sure the negative details trickle out as slowly as possible. The public have a short attention span and a poor memory. I predict the alternative media will largely replace the mainstream media, especially when their advertising dries up, and good riddance. Journalists should be calling attention to authority’s inconsistencies, inaccuracies and omissions, not disseminating lies intended to keep the public passive. Long live the revolution (that’s the media revolution, naturally). That\x92s probably got my MI5 file upgraded to Red tag status. But seriously, UK-based bloggers, you don\x92t really think a pseudonym will protect you from a 04.00-unannounced visit from members of HM\x92s securities services, do you? They will have called to deliver a pressing RSVP invitation to discuss the fine details of the Prevention of Terrorism Act, and their interpretation of aforementioned Act. Freedom of speech? You\x92re \x91aving a laugh, aren\x92t you.
    Now \x93fear of arrest by British authorities\x94 has to make the top 10 of your \x93Reasons to Emigrate\x94 list.
    Paranoia: It keeps you alive and it keeps you free.

    Comment by Andrew Milner — 25 Jun 2006 on 1:51 am | Link
  2. Emigrate? Where to?!?! When they coined the phrase "New World Order", they MEANT world, not just some of it!

    Comment by SmokeNMirrors — 25 Jun 2006 on 3:23 pm | Link
  3. I’ll give you another phrase, "the free world". That really dates me, doesn’t it? Where to emigrate to? Considered Asia? If you need paid employment try Japan or even China. Entry level English teaching is still possible. If you want your pension to go a long way, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and/or countries in the region. Even Nepal is worth checking out. Face it, what’s the point of a police state if you can’t walk the streets at night. Providing you can get into character as an English gentleman, you have options coming out of your ears.

    Comment by Andrew Milner — 31 Aug 2006 on 12:39 pm | Link

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