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Asked how much of the football match between England and Trinidad & Tobago the Prime Minister expected to see, the PMOS said that obviously first and foremost today the Prime Minister was fulfilling his obligations in representing the Government at the Queen's 80th birthday celebrations. He would then go to Europe and because of the previous event would arrive slightly later for the meeting, however Margaret Beckett would be there for the whole of the meeting. In terms of the football, he would watch as much as he can.

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Forthcoming Business

The Leader drew attention to the second reading of the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Bill on Monday, June 19 (Beverley Hughes would lead for the Government), which would establish a new vetting and barring scheme for those who worked with children and vulnerable adults; the debate would follow Home Office oral questions. On Tuesday, the House would debate remaining stages of the Children and Adoption Bill (Beverley Hughes), dealing with strengthening adoption and controls for inter-country arrangements. The Opposition had proposed the subjects for two half-day debates on Wednesday - one on the future of the BBC (Shaun Woodward for the Government) and the second on "the failure of the Government's housing and planning policy" (Ruth Kelly for the Government). On Thursday, there would be a debate on defence policy on a motion for the adjournment (Des Browne). The House would not sit on Friday, June 23.

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Asked what would be discussed at the European Council meeting, the PMOS said that we were at a different cycle in Europe than we were when we held the presidency. During that time we had the budget negotiations to complete and also the fallout from the referendums on the EU constitution. What we had also managed to do through our Hampton Court summit, was place on the agenda issues such as energy, where we were with the Austrians was that we would be taking forward these issues at this council. It would be unrealistic to expect any conclusion but in terms of preparing the ground for an action plan to be published at next year's spring council. After the French and Dutch referendum results we had said that there would be a year of reflection on the constitution and we expected that period to be extended and some sort of reference point for when those matters might be considered. Those were the main issues that would come up.

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Asked about the timing of Home Office legislation to deal with sentencing practice, the Leader said that the Home Secretary and the Prime Minister had made clear that, currently, a review of the programme of the department was taking place. The Home Secretary would make any announcement when he was ready to do so.

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Other Business

Asked for more detail on the Written Ministerial Statement on Charles Taylor, the PMOS said that it was to do with arrangements for Charles Taylor's imprisonment should he be found guilty in the Hague. Asked which prison he might be kept in, the PMOS said that people should wait for the outcome of the trial. For more detail people should speak to the FCO.

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