» Thursday, March 16, 2006

Honours and Peerages

The Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) ran through the detail of the announcements made by the Prime Minister at his monthly press conference.

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Asked about the air assault on Samarra, the PMOS said that as it was an ongoing operational matter so he would not give a commentary on it.

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Asked if there were any lessons learned, the PMOS said that we could not have been more involved than we were. As he had said yesterday we had communicated with the Palestinians on a regular basis warning them precisely of the problems we were facing and of the consequences if security were not improved and if they did not comply with the Ramallah agreement. Unfortunately they had chosen to ignore that communication. Therefore, as the Foreign Secretary had told Cabinet this morning, the choice had been very simple. He had not been prepared to put British lives at risk. The problem was that you could not simply put more people into an insecure environment.

Briefing took place at 6:00 | Read whole briefing | Comments (0)

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