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Asked if the Prime Minister would consider meeting the families of those who had fallen in Iraq, the PMOS said that the Prime Minister had met the relatives of some of those killed, and he had corresponded with others. The Prime Minister believed that the proper way to do it was in private, and therefore, that was how he intended to continue to do so.

Put that given the situation that Iraq was going "belly up" and if civil war was to develop, and British troops were on the border with Iranian troops, would it be more of a morale booster if he visited, the PMOS said he wanted to address the "vast generalisations" in the question. Iraq had had three democratic elections. The Sunnis were re-involved in discussions about forming a new government. It was the view of the Iraqi Government who had been democratically elected that our troops stayed in Iraq to help cement democracy, and that must be the basis on which people viewed such matters. Did we, or did we not help Iraq stabilise as a democracy in the face of those who wanted to impose terror and re-impose a brutal dictatorship?

Asked how many relatives had been visited by the Prime Minister, the PMOS said that private meetings were either private or they were not. The Prime Minister believed that they were better done privately, and the PMOS said that he was not going to get into this game.

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