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Terror Bill

Asked why the Chancellor had dramatically changed his mind upon arriving in Israel and decided to return for this afternoon's vote on the Terror bill, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that he understood why journalists were eager to get into the processology but he was not going to go there. The Chancellor had set out his reasons why, having conferred with colleagues, he was returning. The Foreign Secretary was doing the same. All he would say was that it simply underlined the commitment of the Cabinet and the commitment of the Government to get this measure through the House of Commons. That commitment was because they believed it was right to back the judgment of the police.

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Terror Bill

The Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) informed journalists that the Prime Minister was back at No10, and he would be holding interviews later. In general terms, clearly the Government was disappointed by the result of the Terror Bill vote, but as the Prime Minister said both on Monday and again at PMQs this afternoon, he believed that he thought it was the right to do, and that it was better to put it to the vote and lose, rather than not put it to the vote. That view was formed by the fact that the overwhelming wave of expert police opinion and public opinion as stated in various polls, supported what the Government was trying to do. Parliament had clearly reached a different decision, and that decision had to be respected. However, equally, given the nature of the terrorist threats that we faced, the debate in general terms would continue, if not specifically within the terms of this Bill.

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Asked what the Prime Minister would be discussing with President Hu today, the PMOS said they would be discussing the big global issues of climate change, international security, trade, poverty reduction, immigration as well as the political development issues. It would be part of a continuing conversation. This was the third time this year the Prime Minister had met President Hu including the visit in September. Asked if any documents would be signed, the PMOS said that there would be some trade agreements. Asked why there wouldn't be a press conference the PMOS said it was the Chinese decision, but it should be seen as a state visit with political meetings, rather than the other way around.

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