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EU Finance

Asked when the review the Prime Minister had mentioned in the House would have reported, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) replied it would end in 2008. The PMOS explained that whenever the Luxembourg Presidency put its original proposal to us in draft, they proposed a due process reporting around 2008. We were concerned this proposal about its wording could have been interpreted as both promising a change to the CAP but also the reverse. As the PMOS briefed at the time, we were unhappy with that, and as the PMOS briefed later on, the final proposal put to us by the Presidency had dropped the reference to 2008 and the language had gone backwards, not forwards. Given what others had said during the day about the impossibility as they saw it about a change in the CAP before 2014, that was certainly unacceptable to us.

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European Council Meeting

Asked if the Prime Minister had any plans to meet either Chancellor Schroeder or President Chirac prior to the G8 meeting, the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman (PMOS) told journalists that he was not aware of any plans at this stage. However we were of course in close contact with their representatives through the Sherpa system.

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Put to him that we were losing our way on our G8 agenda, the PMOS said that the time to judge the G8 would be after Gleneagles. To make a general point, the issues of Africa and Climate Change overlapped. If you developed the new technology to deal with climate change, that would help deal with the issue both in developed and emerging countries but also in Africa. Therefore there was a confluence of interest in dealing with the issue.

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