» Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Royal Wedding

Asked if the Government could envisage any legislation being introduced, either before or retrospectively relating to the Royal wedding, the PMOS said the Government had given its view to the Palace, as it was required to do. The Government did not believe that legislation was necessary.

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China/Arms Embargo

Asked if there was any discussion of China at the breakfast meeting, and did the Prime Minister still believe the arms embargo should be lifted, the PMOS replied that we recognised that the US had concerns, and along with our European partners, we were working to address those concerns. The Americans had said they were in "listening mode" on that issue, so it was a question of discussions to continue.

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Asked to confirm if the Prime Minister, along with President Chirac and Chancellor Schroeder had written to the Polish Government encouraging them to purchase Airbus planes, rather than Boeing, and if so, were there any details or responses, the PMOS said: yes. That was all the detail he had.

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John Major article

Asked if the Government agreed with an article in which John Major said the Government had dealt in "political black arts" and "demeaning politics", the PMOS said there was an element of party politics regarding the matter that he was not getting involved in. He would rather let the records speak for themselves; people could go back and read the lobby notes!

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