» Friday, February 4, 2005

Condoleezza Rice Visit

Put to her that Condoleezza Rice had said at an earlier press conference that "an attack on Iran was not on the agenda at this point" and did that mean that something may happen later on, the PMOS said that Jack Straw's words had clearly set out the situation. The PMS said that the Prime Minister had held good talks with Dr. Rice this morning where they discussed issues including the Middle East Peace Process, and the meeting in March with the Palestinians, which Dr Rice would attend. They also spoke about President Bush's trip to Europe later this month and the future of Iraq. We were pursuing a policy of critical engagement with Iran, and this robust engagement had led to the Iranian agreement to suspend all fuel enrichment activities and cooperate with the IAEA.

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China Arms Embargo

Asked if the government took the European view about a arms embargo on China, the PMS said we were part of the EU and there were ongoing discussions about it. We were looking constructively at what would work to improve the situation.

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G7 Finance meeting

Asked what the meetings would involve, the PMS said the Prime Minister had set out the priorities for the G8 Presidency on many occasions. They were climate change and Africa. She advised that journalists should speak to the Treasury for a full agenda of this weekend's meetings.

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Black Wednesday/FOI

Asked if the Prime Minister had been involved in discussions regarding the Black Wednesday/FOI meetings, and whether John Major or Lord Lamont been in contact with him, the PMS said that under the legislation, current Ministers did not look at papers relating to a previous administration before they were published. This FOI request had been dealt with by officials.

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