» Thursday, July 22, 2004

Regional Assemblies

Asked if he would agree that the Deputy Prime Minister had misled the Government and the public in the light of his decision today to postpone referendums in two out of the three proposed areas for regional assemblies, the PMOS said no. The Deputy Prime Minister had informed Ministers about his decision and he had been fully supported by the Prime Minister and his colleagues who believed it was a sensible way forward in the light of the issues relating to postal voting which had been identified and which the Electoral Commission would address in its report on the all-postal pilots in August.

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  1. I find it strange that the Goverment do not want an elected second chamber as it might lead to conflict with the House of Commons!.Yet the same could be said of any ELECTED political body.Any elected second chamber would know it would be subservient to the House of Commons for that will be what they stood for!.Anyone know`s that if you want to be part of the Goverment you would have to stand for the House of Common`s and not the second chamber there is no conflict there that I can see!.It would be wise of some to see that a second chamber could be filled by anyone the goverment of the day see`s fit to put in it,that would be a DANGER to democracy. The second chamber must be part of the safeguard to the democratic process and not a nodding shop for the Goverment of the day.

    Comment by george dutton — 2 Aug 2004 on 11:14 am | Link
  2. I would like to add a second post to the above to explain why as a matter of URGENCY that an ELECTED second chamber is installed and up and running BEFORE the next general election. The time 1997/98.The place the Conservative Party Conference BLACKPOOL.The studio television commentator said "we will now go across to the Conservative Party Conference, well what is the big talking point at this year`s conference".The commentator at the conference came on screen.He was standing outside the conference hall.He said "well we have two member`s of the conservative party here to answer that question".He then introduced them and asked "what is the big talking point at this year`s conference".The first spokesperson for the Conservative party said "well it`s CLEAR that people don`t know how to use there vote we left this country in the best economic state it has ever been in and people have let Labour in to ruin it all.The big talking point in the hall is WHO should get the vote.Should it be based on educational achievement or on those who can generate the wealth of the nation or on a combination of the two.That is the BIG talking point in the conference hall".NOTE it had already been decided to take the vote off us. So that is the reason we must get an ELECTED second chamber as soon as possible to safeguard us or MILLIONS of Britons will not have the vote if/after the Conservative party win the next general election. There word`s NOT mine.

    Comment by george dutton — 2 Aug 2004 on 1:05 pm | Link

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