» Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Dr Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

Asked if the Prime Minister was concerned that Dr Yusuf Al-Qaradawi might cause trouble while he was visiting the UK, the PMOS said that as the Home Secretary had made clear this morning, Dr Al-Qaradawi’s actions and words would be closely monitored while he remained in Britain. The Home Office Minister, Fiona MacTaggart, had set out her own reasons for withdrawing from the event at which Dr Al-Qaradawi was due to appear and had said she was disappointed that, unbeknownst to her, he had been billed as guest speaker.

Asked if the Prime Minister would expect backbench MPs not to associate themselves with the event, the PMOS said that as a Civil Servant, he was unable to comment on party political issues. He would simply refer journalists to Ms MacTaggart’s reasons for not wishing to associate herself with the event in any way. Asked if he would agree that it had been a mistake to allow Dr Al-Qarawadi entry into the UK, the PMOS said that everyone had to abide by the laws of the land. The obvious question was whether people posed a security threat or not. These were always difficult cases for a Home Secretary to consider. Nevertheless, a judgement had had to be made. As Mr Blunkett had underlined this morning, Dr Al-Qaradawi would be closely monitored during his visit here.

Asked to explain why, if the Prime Minister wanted nothing to do with suicide bombers and terrorists, he had had a meeting with the President of Syria in 2001 only to hear him say in a joint press conference that Palestinian suicide bombers could be likened to the French Resistance, the PMOS pointed out that the Prime Minister had immediately taken the opportunity to restate the Government’s position on the Middle East live on Syrian television by making clear, as indeed he had ever since – most recently at the Liaison Committee yesterday, that terrorism should not be supported in any way and that it was necessary to recognise the need for security for Israel.

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  1. I want to ask dr. Al qaedawi why he allowed some types of musics and why he allowed that the women can handle hands with man that work in same place?
    Thank you wassalm!

    Comment by Adnan — 4 Feb 2005 on 3:01 pm | Link
  2. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu.
    Dear sheik Dr.Yusuf Qaradawi.
    Me too,I want ask you some qeastion,please
    why you allowed womens tohandle or to shake hands with man that work in same place&they are their muharramat?
    with wich verse or hadith you depend to pray to pop.that die some month pass&in your prayer to him you say:-ohh Allah forgive him as like he deal with people or like his diginity,means(Allahummarhamhu miqdari amalihi)
    I am very supprice of hearing this becouse i reaserch through some books of tafsir&hadith but i did not get any evidence to defend on.
    so idont know or you have some reprences on this.
    Thank you
    Salamu alaikum.

    Comment by Abdulkadir A. Adamu — 29 Aug 2005 on 3:21 pm | Link
  3. asala mu alikum .i want to ask y a question hope u will help me my question is
    is qasr(shortening) of nimaz allowed in prison
    espeacilay for mujahideen cases

    Comment by shahid — 7 May 2006 on 10:38 am | Link

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